The best headset for the PS4 that money can buy

Communication is key. This is especially true in multiplayer games, but if you’re stuck with those horrible headphones PS4 default, it is possible that you get angry on a regular basis. Just take a look at the reviews of the customers, and you’ll see there’s a litany of creative epithets directed at the poor quality of the microphones and the audio. Fortunately, there are a wide range of excellent models which, in addition, you will not be left in the bankruptcy. We have made a selection of the best headphones for the PS4 that you can buy today, which we show below.

Comparative table

Product Category
SteelSeries Arctis Pro The best
HyperX Cloud Stir S The best premium cable for PS4
Astro Gaming A50 The best premium wireless
Turtle Beach Recon 200 The best price with cable
PDP Afterglow AG 9+ Best price wireless for PS4

Arctis Pro

The best

mejores audífonos para la PS4

Why should you buy them? Because they are the best headphones to play in almost any system.

Who are they? For those who want high audio fidelity and a sense of Premium.

How much do they cost? $180 dollars.

Why do we choose them? Where do we start with this masterpiece from Steelseries, the Arctis Pro? What the microphone is highly flexible and lens that competes even with some audio equipment of professional level? And what about the elegant design and professional that mimics the stylish headphones audio? Or maybe the best thing are the peripherals plug-and-play headset, which drive the high-resolution sound and allow users to adjust the settings of the equalizer and the surround sound on a scale much more granular than the competition, all without the need for any additional software or typical downloads?

Sit down, and choose your favorite option.

While the components are of high resolution optional (either GameDAC with the version with the cable or the receiver box Bluetooth 2.4 G) are only compatible with PC and PS4, the Arctis Pro is compatible with virtually all of the consoles, either via USB or wireless Connection with cable of 3.5 mm All players, regardless of platform, can take advantage of the excellent stereo mix and microphone —clear, clear— of the hearing aids. And all this without mentioning the fact that its design can be customize and adjust to your own taste.

While it is difficult to overcome the Arctis Pro, even the models Arctis more affordable Steelseries (including the Arctis 3, 5 and 7) are alternative impressive, identical to the Pro in terms of comfort. There are versions of “wired” and wireless each one of these headphones, and although they require that the software Steelseries Engine 3 use the surround sound and the functions of eq (which means that these functions are only available for PC), still sound good, even without these “extras”. In other words: if the Arctis Pro is outside of your budget, any of the other models of Arctis could perfectly well compete for the first place in this list or in any other.

HyperX Cloud Stir S

The best premium cable for PS4

Why should you buy them? The excellent Cloud Stir S are the hearing aids more versatile and intuitive that we’ve tested.

Who are they? For any, provided that a connection for the cable to work with your configuration.

How much do they cost? $150.

Why do we choose them? The Cloud-Stirring S of HyperX is one of the headphones most versatile we have tested. Comes with three different connection types: 3.5 mm, dual 3.5 mm and USB cable, all of which, collectively, enable these hearing aids to connect to almost any thing. This is not unique to Cloud Stir S, of course, but the headphones take things a step further, by eliminating the need to download software or additional drivers, which makes it a peripheral truly plug-and-play. This integrated nature is especially important with the USB connection, that has a sound card built in and a dongle control for features such as virtual surround sound Dolby 7.1 and EQ settings.

The most important feature, however, is its spectacular sound performance. The stereo mix of basic and ready-to-use (that is here the base-line, regardless of the type of connection or console you have) is excellent, with a balance set and a low blunt that improves the game and the music. The surround sound features and eq, specifically the bass boost, improve even more the experience. The icing on the cake is that the headphones are extremely comfortable, with a sturdy design, stuffed plush and a head band automatic adjustment. If it were not because in the world there are the Steelseries, these would be without doubt the headphones winners in this article.

Astro Gaming A50

The best premium wireless PS4

Why should you buy them? Because they are one of the wireless headphones most complete available for the PS4.

Who are they? PlayStation I want a few wireless headphones powerful (and who don’t mind paying for them).

How much do they cost? $300 dollars.

Why do we choose them? The Astro Gaming A50 are the update wireless of the former flagship of the company, the Astro A40, and have all the same stamps to their brothers in the last generation, something which we did not complain, precisely. If you can justify spending the money, the headphones Astro A50 will give you wireless technology 5.8 GHz and 7.1 surround sound virtual within a comfortable design and solid on your ears. The unidirectional microphone of the headset helps isolate your voice from ambient noise, and has an intuitive feature of fast mute. A selection of different eq modes and multi-platform support further increase their performance.

The A50 do almost everything you could want in earphones for high quality games, including extras such as a wireless connection without problems, a long-lasting battery enhanced by an automatic shutoff feature, which prevents the waste of the load.

These additional features are great, but they are only part of the story. The real star here is its audio quality, an instance in which the A50 is one of the best (obviously), what makes your game be more real and, therefore, more entertaining. The A50 deserves a serious consideration by all the players of audiophiles in the world… as long as you’re willing to clean up your pocket and pay what they cost ($300).


The best budget wired for PS4.

mejores audifonos para la ps4 turtle

Why should you buy them? Because it is affordable with a great audio functionality and chat.

Who are they? For the players with limited budget.

How much do they cost? $50 dollars

Why do we choose them?

You can buy the wireless headset PlayStation Gold if you are willing to spend $100 dollars or more, but to enjoy all the features of sound quality, comfort and chat at a lower price, Turtle Beach may be the best solution with cable Recon 200.

Equipped with a 3.5 mm connector to switch easily between systems to switch from Xbox One to PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in a hurry, the Recon 200 has the audio quality you’re looking for in a headset dedicated for gaming. Its function of reinforcement of low provides an immersion extra to your favorite games. The “screams” of Kratos have never sounded so real.

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 are incredibly affordable and offer much more than just sound quality. The integrated microphone in the headset is omni-directional and features an override function quietly, so you don’t have to press any button after turning it to its vertical position. You also have a monitor built-in microphone, so you can listen to your own voice while chatting with your friends in online games, and there is a wheel of monitoring at the control panel so you can adjust it on the fly.

PDP Afterglow AG 9+

Best price wireless for PS4

Why should you buy them? Because you’ll get a comfortable headset and of great quality without getting in the red.

Who are they? For those with little money who still want the advantages of a wireless model.

How much do they cost? $80 dollars.

Why do we choose them? The Afterglow AG 9+ PDP are headphones solid they seem to cost more than $100. Thanks to its design with detachable microphone, the AG 9+ it may even work well as a pair of hearing aids daily, reproducing faithfully both your music like video games. The mixture may be a little more heavy at times, but the AG 9+ you are a great audio device in general. Unlike other wireless headphones, there is little or no hum an annoying thing especially welcome during times that are quieter.

Although their aesthetics are less than subtle, the quality of manufacture is first class, providing a weight and sturdiness that normally you wouldn’t find in headphones of this price. We also love their volume controls and microphone simple and smartly placed, although perhaps more important is the comfort of their pads, both on the ears as on the headband of the head. This is crucial for those game sessions marathon. And speaking precisely of this: the AG 9+ will give you over 15 hours of battery life, a few impressive numbers to any wireless device.

How do we do this selection?

As we do with all the products we tested, we use the headphones for games and judge them in function of your audio quality, microphone performance, the ability to use and, if necessary, the duration of the battery and the wireless connectivity. We use them in games with different experiences of sound to ensure that sound good for a game with lots of action, as well as in sections more quiet. Also listen to audio and videos, including a selection of music of various genres at different bit rates in order to discern whether the headphones work well outside of the context of gamer.

To test the microphones, we recorded clips of ourselves speaking in quiet environment and noisy, both with any noise cancellation or improvements enabled and disabled. We use the headphones for several days while we play, watching videos or listening to music to test the veracity of the claims about its battery life, also evaluating your comfort in the short and long term.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on march 11, 2019.

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