The best headphones for Xbox One that you can buy

Do you like to play on the console Xbox One? Then you know that there are two elements that can not miss in your home: a good screen and some headphones quality. Although at some time it was thought that they were not as important, today’s hearing aids are not only a means to chat with your teammates, but you will also help you to experience a better immersion into the game that you love. And to help you choose the best, we have made a list of the best headphones for Xbox One that you can find now on the market.

Our hearing aids favorite for Xbox One

Astro Gaming A50

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Why should you buy them?: are the best headphones available for the Xbox One, and offer free wi-fi impressive.

Who is it for?: jugadores of Xbox who want headphones with everything (and can afford it).

How much does it cost?: $300 dollars

Why we chose the Astro Gaming A50?

These headphones to high end have a futuristic design, with wireless technology, 5.8 ghz, and offer the best audio on the market.

The A50 are equipped with Dolby Digital surround 7.1. In addition, to further improve your game, you have three EQ modes varied which allow you to adjust the sound, giving you a quick way to increase the bass or treble, and a unidirectional microphone helps isolate your voice from ambient noise.

Also, these headphones come with all the traditional qualities of audio devices high-end, the automatic shut off, a wireless connection without complications and a long battery life. But more importantly, the A50 makes the games more entertaining.

If that weren’t enough, Astro offers a specific version of the Xbox One, which includes a wireless adapter for the console to take full advantage of the hearing aids.


The best earphones premium with cable for Xbox One

Astro A40 TR plus Mixamp Pro


Why should you buy them?: are the best wired headset available for the Xbox One.

Who is it for?: the player who likes a good sound, but don’t need a wireless connection.

How much does it cost?: $250 dollars.

Why we chose the Astro A40 TR?

The A40 TR are packed with tons of features that are hard to find in other earphones. But if you’re a gamer of Xbox One, which really will amaze you of these headphones is the MixAmp Pro.

MixAmp Pro gives you instant control and intuitive of everything, including the volume, mix of game chat /mic and eq settings. It connects to your console with a USB connection, but also includes a port of 3.5 mm, optical digital output and a dedicated port of “output” that is ideal for cables with seismic Twitch.

It also has two ports for “daisy chain digital” which allow multiple MixAmp Pros chaining themselves to each other using the connection cables in the chain of Astro, so that all of your audio can be captured while it is being transmitted.

For those who are not interested in the functionality of the MixAmp, you can also buy the A40 TR sans MiXamp for around $100 dollars less. These headphones have some great features, like surround sound virtual Dolby 7.1 and a unidirectional microphone with noise cancellation.


The best wireless headphones premium for Xbox One

Turtle Beach Stealth 700


Why should you buy them?: are high quality headphones and one of the most well respected brands in the market.

Who is it for?: those who want a wireless experience without problems.

How much does it cost?: $150.

Why we chose the Turtle Beach Stealth 700?

Despite the inclusion of multiple wireless headsets in this list, you should know that there are on the market available for the Xbox One is relatively small. This is mainly due to the Xbox One uses only wireless technology Xbox, owned by Microsoft, to sync wireless controllers, and other peripherals, but does not have Bluetooth support.

However, the Stealth 700 are excellent and work wirelessly with your console, since they are equipped with technology Xbox Wireless.

These great and durable in-ear headphones feature powerful drivers of 50 mm, to immerse players in the action, as well as the configuration Superhuman Hearing of the company, which increases the subtle sounds in the mix, facilitating the uptake of small audio signals or sound effects distant.

In addition, they have some earmuffs, comfortable and a high sensitivity microphone is located on the left earcup, and you can get up to silence him quickly.


The best hearing aids on economic with cable for Xbox One

Corsair HS50


Why should you buy them?: are more versatile and offer better performance than the headphones more expensive.

Who is it for?: the player with a limited budget.

How much does it cost?: $50.

Why we chose the Corsair HS50?

Although the Corsair HS50 are the hearing aids more affordable on our list, they have great quality.

These hearing aids use a connection cable of 3.5 mm, which means that not only connects easily to your controller Xbox One, but also, it is compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. In addition, they have an attractive design and minimalist, with a detachable microphone, which makes it possible to double as a pair of headphones regular, in case of trouble.

However, because they are not wireless, they have some disadvantages. Due to their connection of 3.5 mm, the Corsair HS50, lack of virtual surround sound. However, the stereo mix provides a precise positioning even without the assistance of DSP.

Headphones Corsair HS50 are a good example of an article of modest price can work excellent.


The best hearing aids on economic wireless for Xbox One


afterglow ag 9 pdp prdthumb
Why should you buy them?:
You’ll get headphones comfortable and of excellent sound without emptying your wallet.

Who is it for?: For those with a tighter budget looking for a wireless option.

How much does it cost?: $80 dollars.

Why we chose the PDP Afterglow AG 9+:

Afterglow AG 9+ PDP are a excellent wireless headset that manage to cause a strong impression despite being in the price range of under $100 dollars. The main reason for this is a solid audio performance. Although the blend of sound can be a little heavy at times, favoring the treble and the media about the low, it is still a great audio device in general. Unlike some wireless headphones, they have almost no that ringing annoying common, which is especially welcome during the times quieter.

While the aesthetic is not stylish or subtle (something that afflicts many headphones gaming, to be fair), the quality of construction is top-notch, providing a robustness and durability that is often absent from other earphones in this price range. Like the Corsair HS50, the microphone Afterglow Ag 9 + is removable, which is useful for those times you don’t need to talk and you want to get it out of the way. We also like the simple controls for volume and microphone in the ear.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the design of the Afterglow AG 9 + is the comfort of the headphones and the padding of the headband. These sections are generously padded it feels more like upholstery than fabric-soft fine leather, or polyester. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, keeping your ears cool during those nights marathon of games.

Speaking of long gaming sessions, the Afterglow AG 9+ has a battery life of 15 hours, and you can change without problems to a connection cable, for charging simultaneously.

How we test the products

As we do with all the products that we test and recommend, we submitted to the hearing aids to games to all kinds of experiences. We judge them according to its audio performance, performance, microphone, portability, battery life and wireless connectivity. We played games of various modes of sound in order to make sure that the headphones sound good during sequences of fast-paced action, as well as in quieter moments. Also listen to audio and videos that are not games, including a selection of music of various genres at different bit rates, in order to discern whether the headphones work well outside of the context of the game.

For testing microphone, we recorded clips of ourselves speaking in quiet environments and noisy, with noise cancellation, or do not, and improvements enabled and disabled. We use the headphones for several days, while we played, we saw videos or listen to music, to test the veracity of the statements of the useful life of the battery and evaluate its use and long-term comfort.

*Article updated on February 20, 2019 by Milenka Peña.

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