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The best hand blenders to cook easily at home

Maybe it’s not in use daily, but in any kitchen you will need a tool for mixing ingredients effortlessly. There are many options and models, for all needs. But if you prefer you can store in a closet or in a drawer, great, keep reading because below, we tell you what are the best hand blenders that prepare sauces and all kinds of masses very easily.


mejores batidoras de mano

This hand blender is one of the most intuitive on the market. It has a smart interface that is capable of detect what type of accessory you are using, and will adjust the speed accordingly to ensure that everything is blending perfectly. The dc motor of 240 watts is relatively quiet when used at the lower speeds.

The mixer Breville also has some blades attached, so that it will blend out to the edges of the container without making any noise or unpleasant. Features a built-in timer that helps you to prepare recipes that require mixing times accurate. There is also a built in light to see the ingredients more clearly, even when you’re in a kitchen poorly lit.


mejores batidoras de mano

This portable version of the popular mixer stand KitchenAid has nine speed impressive, allowing you to easily blend ingredients to large slow movements or fluids quickly. The speed one is perfect for mixing foods with chunks, while the nine is great for whipping meringue. This blender manual is very well-known for being easy to use, since it has a feature of Soft-Start ™, which starts up gradually to the selected speed to help minimize splattering.

Does the cable get in your way when you cook? You can lock it to the left or to the right of the mixer, which allows you to control the maximum angle, regardless of the recipe you’re cooking. In addition, you can quickly remove any accessory from the mixer by simply pressing a button with one hand. Trust us, this is very useful when one of your hands is leaking in the mass of brownie , and you need to change the accessories.


mejores batidoras de mano

What immediately stands to this hand blender from the others? Comes with a storage case that fits directly in the mixer and closes to pressure to keep all the accessories in one place. You’ll need rods, a kitchen mixer, hooks for dough and a spatula, so you’ll have almost all the accessories you need to mix in the kitchen. The mixer has nine speed settings different, three of which offer a soft start feature to prevent splashing. You can easily adjust the speed while you are using the mixer, thanks to the speed control of 1-touch.

This hand blender from Cuisinart also comes with a three year warranty, so you can be sure that you’re covered if something goes wrong. Using the book of recipes included to try out different dishes or choose one of the millions of recipes on line that require to be mixed (to begin with a delicious cake of meringue).


mejores batidoras de mano

This affordable mixer manual is perfect for those who are just starting to cook or bake, or for university students who need a mixer that all the roommates will probably end up sharing. The hand blender Hamilton Beach comes with a storage box that fits the device and includes an easy access door. It also has a function of momentum in the speed settings slower, which gives users more control over the mixing process.

A burst will also make the mixer reach quickly their maximum power of 290 watts, if you need this type of motion to mix ingredients, particularly difficult. The mixer comes with six accessories: various rods, one to draw the masses, another for smoothies and a blender. So that you can easily blend ingredients for almost any recipe you can think of. You can eject the accessories with the push of a button.


mejores batidoras de mano

This affordable mixer manual Black+Decker has five speeds and different powers. The engine of 175 watts makes it perfect for mixing batters, sauces and dough. Features an ergonomic grip for a comfortable wear and the heel of the hand blender is designed to rest upright on the counter or leaning on the edge of the bowl. The durable rods are also removable and can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The mixer includes a two-year warranty, making it affordable and reliable.

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