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The best guide with the deals of tvs 4K, then

Have a smart tv in 4K is the easiest way to bring your home entertainment to the next level, and believe us, once you start to enjoy the crystal-clear content in Ultra HD you’re going to ask why you so long in buying it. In the following guide you will find some of the best deals in tvs, 4K cake right now.

LG 65-INCH 4K SMART TV— $799 dollars

ofertas de televisores 4K

Immerse yourself fully in the action with this new and fantastic LG tv. The model of 4K UHD 65-inch account with the ThinQ A. I. LG, that serves as a center smart so that you can see all your favorite content, and can also be synchronized with the ecosystem of your smart home more large, allowing you to control the tv and other connected devices by using voice commands.

With a design that worked and a thin bezel, this model of smart TV in particular, always looks elegant, whether mounted on a wall or on its stand. The tv LG UHD 4K UHD 65-inch has a cost of $1,200, but is currently discounted to only $ 799 on Dell.


Toshiba 50 inch with the Fire TV and Alexa – $400 dollars

The new line 4K from Toshiba is available for pre-orders and will allow you to enjoy movies, series and sporting events in cinematic quality. Also comes in-built with the Fire TV and it has an incredible price. The model has 4K resolution Ultra HD with detail of the colours and the HDR technology to allow you to say goodbye to the black look like gray, thanks to the dynamic contrast of the tv. With the Fire TV you can access to streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Prime TV, and much more. In addition to the connectivity with Alexa helps you to control the tv with voice commands and to connect it with your smart home.

In addition to the model of 50 inches, there is one of 43 inches that is $330 dollars, and another 55-inch for $480.


TCL 55 inch Roku – $380 usd

Televisions are cheaper in 4K that you’ll find will be the brand TCL. This model is one of the most sold on Amazon and has clarity of 4K Ultra HD. The contrast is balanced and the detail of the HDR produces more vivid images.

In addition to the HDR technology, this model comes with 120 Hz which allows the scenes of high motion is not blurred. The intuitive interface gives you access to more than 4,000 channels. It is compatible with the cable television, satellite, antenna and streaming device that are not Roku, so you can enjoy the programming the way you want to. You can do searches by voice from the app, Roku free.

Normally it costs $500 but is currently $380, so you are now $120.


Smart TV Samsung QLED 49-inch 4K – $798 dollars

If you are looking for a good deal on a television QLED, Samsung (the pioneer of the technology, quantum-dot) is the brand that you should consider. If you ask what is the difference between QLED and OLED, don’t worry I will explain it in a friendly manner.

Smart tv Samsung’s Smart Hub with 4K QLED 49-inch is on sale at Walmart for $798 dollars (and comes to you in two days for free), after you have applied a discount of $502 dollars.


TV Smartcast Vizio x led 4K 70 inch – $998 dollars

This is a tv 4K giant that will not require that you have to take out a second mortgage. The Vizio SmartCast E70-E3 has 70 inches. Resolution Ultra HD, the technology x led Vizio and 12 zones of attenuation local active (automatically adjust the backlight) are combined to provide a video of cinematic quality in your home with bright colors and a sharp contrast. The smart tvs SmartCast, are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and come with Google Chromecast built-in, so you can start watching your favorite content right away.

Four HDMI ports ready for HDR ensure you are not left without many points of connection to your games consoles favorite, Blu-Ray players and other input devices. Costs $ 998 at Walmart, and has everything you need, with a good discount of $300.


Smart TV RCA 65-inch – $480 $

If you don’t care about the smart features and you want a high-definition television that is large enough without being excessive to your home, the RCA RTU6549 65-inch is an excellent choice. This tv 4K with true color Ultra HD with support HDR for an excellent picture, along with a LED backlight-sharp and energy efficient. Three HDMI ports let you connect boxes transmission, external Blu-Ray players and games consoles to modern, while the component ports, AV, VGA, and coaxial to ensure compatibility with your older devices. Although it is not completely intelligent, for only $480 dollars at Walmart after a discount of $ 420 dollars, the RCA RTU6549 is one of the best deals TV 4K you are going to find in a model so large.


Tv curved 55 inch Samsung – $700

Enter into the action with this tv curved Samsung. The tv 4K UHD curved MU6500 55-inch with 4K HDR Pro, which allows you to experience a wider range of color and contrast that with Full HD. Experience an action fluid in content of fast motion Motion Rate 120, making sure that you enjoy all the action without interruption, from the final seconds of a chase scene up to the latest release of a game. With a curved design, this tv looks stylish from front to back, either mounted on a wall or sitting on a stand. The smart TV UHD 4K curved MU6500 55-inch usually has a cost of $1,000 dollars, but is currently discounted to $700 dollars on Amazon with a discount of $300.


Smart tv 4K Hisense with 49 inches -$220

Get a big tv 4K for less than $300 with this offer Hisense TV smart 4K 49 inches. With more than 8 million pixels and four times the resolution of HDTV, Full HD 1080p, shows every scene with detail and clarity stunning. This model has digital sound DBX-TV’s two speakers built-in and all the ports that you need, including three HDMI connections ready for UHD that support the latest devices from input. Also, it has an “upscaler” that softens the existing media on the screen to look as close as possible to 4K (while the extension may not convert your old DVD in 4K is real, it will make them look better). With a modern and elegant design, complemented by a slim frame, this tv Hisense is the perfect upgrade to any room. It could be said that the agreement of smart tv 4K cheaper currently available, the tv-Hisense Ultra HD is about $220 at Walmart (less than an Apple Watch, providing a discount of $130 along with free shipping of two days or pick up in store.


*Updated by Daniel Matus on January 11.

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