The best game consoles that you can buy

Do you know one thing? If you are a good gamer, is always a time good enough for you to buy a console video game. The truth is that, increasingly, we hear and we see a new range of hardware fairly improved, as the console PS4 Pro from Sony, the Xbox One X from Microsoft and other platforms minor as PlayStation VR. It is true: the best video game consoles are among us.

The stratification can be problematic, since the main benefit of a console games is precisely their simplicity. There are many convincing arguments of why players who care about the performance, or those who want access to the biggest amount of games —and should therefore invest in a PC for games so as to change the performance settings— but it is a fact that there is a large amount of people who simply want to buy a game and play it. And of course, the consoles offer the best way to do it.

Have a look here at our list of the best consoles that you can take home.


Sony PlayStation Pro

Why should you buy it? It is the best version of the console more popular and has the most number of games high-fidelity.

Who is it for? For all.

Why we chose the PlayStation 4 Pro? The PlayStation 4 Pro is the greatest version of the platform of games the world’s most popular available today. Support for 4K and HDR 10, as well as more powerful components in a platform game dedicated, is clearly the best platform for games plug-and-play.

The great majority of the libraries of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are available on both platforms. And although both have franchises popular exclusives, the PlayStation 4 (Pro or standard) usually opens games more exclusive each year. The PS4 also has access to a small number of games indie , less known, as well as the titles of niche —like japanese role-playing games— than Xbox One does not have

The PlayStation 4 is also the prelude of the PlayStation VR, which, as you already know, are the lenses VR premium more affordable available today. While there are rumors of a possible support of the Rift for Xbox One, PlayStation VR is the only choice for the console of virtual reality today, that option is also very good.

While it may be difficult to exploit all the advanced features offered by the PlayStation 4 Pro (support HDR), the improvements it provides (even in games not optimized) make the most technically impressive playing the most games in a single console. Depending on how well they adopt to the developers —and if the 4K and HDR will be put finally out of fashion— the PS4 Pro could represent the future of the console games.


Xbox One X

Why should you buy it? With a Blu-ray player 4K and HDR, offers access to both new games as to high resolution videos.

Who is it for? For players who want to play games and watch movies with the best image quality possible.

Why we chose the Xbox One X? Sony led the upgrade of the console of intra-generation with the PS4 Pro, but taking the time, Microsoft gave us the best hardware with the Xbox One X. it Offers the same video playback 4K Blu-ray and HDR that the One S, at the same time it also brings the visual improvement of games. Microsoft not exaggerated when he said that the Xbox One X is the console games for home most powerful ever sold.

The PS4 can still have a library of games more solid than the Xbox One, but the improvements of the Pro only noticeable in games that have been enhanced specifically for her. The Xbox One X has been shown to be much more efficient in the use of its extra power to improve the images of all the games on the platform, enhanced or not. Microsoft also is doubling the investment in own studies, such as Rare, which could make the library, exclusive of the Xbox is still more attractive

For those of us who have not made the leap to 4K, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are great consoles with great libraries of games. You’ll be able to play the vast majority of the new titles and future, including some franchises exclusives like Halo, Gears of War and Forza. In addition, if you have an Xbox 360, a lot of console games from last generation are now compatible with Xbox One, which could expand your library of games and keep —at least— some of your old games are still in force.


Nintendo Switch

Why should you buy it? If you want a gaming experience of full-on console, but on-the-fly.

Who is it for? For all

Why we chose the Nintendo Switch? Nintendo has fought hard to keep up with Sony and Microsoft over the last decade. Despite its explosive popularity and dominant, the Wii exchanged graphics power to win the gimmick of motion control, and so brought to Nintendo of the third party platform to get her in a full generation of hardware. The Wii U tried to close the gap, but failed by a lack of identity. The latest console of Nintendo, the Switch, changed finally all of that. Nintendo skirted the arms race by changing not how you use your console, but the where. The Switch is a device “hybrid” that can perfectly connect to a tv, as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and also works as a portable device.

While you don’t have the computational power to play the latest releases of 4K, 60fps for Xbox One or PS4, the Switch can play Doom (2016) at 30 fps, without any problem and in the place you want, and that is more than enough for many players in Addition to contemporary numbers (as the next Wolfenstein (II), the Switch has also proved to be a fantastic platform for the revival of modern classics, such as Skyrim, L. A. Noire and the recently announced Dark Souls Remastered.

More than a simple gaming platform for AAA titles to be of little antiquity, the Switch also offers a catalog in the constant growth of fantastic games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as great indies like Stardew Valley, Heavenly , and Battle Chef Brigade. Added some experiments with advanced Nintendo Labo, and the Switch will be seen as a platform incredibly full, with something unique to offer everyone.


SNES Classic Edition

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Why should you buy it? Because it has 20 of the best games ever created.

Who is it for? For fans of the Nintendo games -both old and new-.

Why we chose the Edition Classic SNES? The era of the 16-bit sent Nintendo to the top of your creativity, throwing games, hailed as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid, along with other cult hits such as Earthbound. So, with the launched Edition Classic SNES plug-and-play, you can experience all of your favourite games of Super Nintendo as the remembered. There is even a filter option CRT that imitates the look of your old tv.

With the addition of a function of a saved state, playing the old games of Nintendo in the SNES Classic it is significantly less frustrating than 25 years ago, and when you’re ready to sit down and play with a friend, classics such as Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting gives you the opportunity to compete and bragging.

SNES Classic Edition is also the only way to play Star Fox 2, a game that Nintendo canceled just before its original release date. To unlock it, you only need to beat the first level of Star Fox original, although it will be very difficult to walk away from this game once you start playing the game.

*Article updated on may 24, 2019 poe Estefania Oliver.

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