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The best gadgets for pets that you can buy

Fortunately, the technology is also becoming more and more comfortable the lives of our furry companions of the home. For this reason, we present to you below the best gadgets for pets you can find in the market right now.

This list includes products such as an open up-door automatic, a camera that launches awards and a pad heated. In addition, with the weeks we will add more articles with the purpose of your pet as happy as possible.

Opener of Wayzn

Persona con su mascota en la sala de la casa

The opener, intelligent and easy installation of Wayzn is the best solution for the dog may exit the interior of the house to the garden, without the owner need to be present. The motion sensors of the device detect when the pet needs to go out, so they immediately opened the sliding door; while, with the app for mobile phones, the users can view the area with a camera connected to and operate the equipment in the distance. You can book now from the manufacturer’s website.

Tile Sticker to know where is your cat

Rastreador Tile Sticker sobre fondo blanco

Unlike dogs, cats tend to explore until the last corner of the house, so that it is not always easy to know where they are. For that is Tile Sticker, a tracker that has an inconspicuous design, is waterproof and can be attached easily to the collar of the hairy. Through the cell, it is possible to activate the alarm device (the autonomy is of about three years).

Tooth brush of Bristly

Perro mordiendo un cepillo dental de Bristly

Yes, the majority of which is the owner responsible for a dog you want this it is always in the best of health, and that also involves your dental care. To make things more simple there is this curious brush of Bristly, which also functions as a kind of toy. The idea is to entertain by biting down on this object, made of rubber, non-toxic, and with an internal reservoir for the paste, at the same time that you clean your teeth. There for all sizes!

Camera Furbo

Cámara Furbo para mascotas

If, while you’re at work, have you asked yourself: “How will be spot along (or as you call your dog)?”, what you can see with the camera Furbo (1080p), which also has the peculiarity that it allows you to throw prizes into the distance, through the mobile application. Other features include: night vision, microphone and speaker to talk and listen with clarity, and alert barking. It is easy to set up.

Pad heating

Perro sobre almohadilla de calentamiento

The winter season can be quite intense in some regions, and to the furry house -dogs and cats – are kept warm, is this pad RIOGOO, which is waterproof (IP68) and will turn off automatically. Includes a protective structure of seven layers (that will prevent them from burning), and a temperature adjustment, among other features.

Source for pets Veken

Perro tomando agua de una fuente

So that you always have at your disposal the vital fluid, the source of Veken is one of the best options in the market. Integrates a pump, silent and low power consumption; a capacity of 2.5 litres, so it will respond to the needs of your dog or cat without a problem; and three filters replaceable, whose materials help to keep your water clean. And for the most mischievous, each font comes with a silicone pad to splash.

Air purifier Bulex

Purificador de aire sobre fondo blando

You can always improve the environment where there are pets and their owners, and a great ally for this is this air purifier Bulex, that comes with a filtering system of four layers; a HEPA filter that takes care of smaller particles; compact size and weight of little more than 2.5 kilograms; timer with different time ranges; silent mode… In the end, what has it all to clean the air in the most effective manner.

Automatic feeder of Belopezz

Alimentador de mascotas automático

For those days that you know that you will be in the office most of the time, don’t leave without eating! The automatic feeder of Belopezz allows you to feed your dog or cat at time and amount is programmable, and to make it easier, it is possible to record your voice for 10 seconds to “invite you” to try their food. For greater resistance, its housing is made of ABS.

Cover for rear seats Active Pets

Perro sobre un tapete especial para proteger los asientos del auto

When it is time to take the dog to the vet, for example, the best way to protect the rear seats of the car is with this case of Active Pets, which is waterproof (four layers), anti-slip and anti-scratch. Thanks to its design, it is ready for virtually any vehicle, including SUV; it is easy to put on and stays in place for the safety of the furry.

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