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The best devices of virtual reality for all the pockets

We have tested the best devices virtual reality market (VR), by subjecting them to tests of performance, ease of use and other important features to ensure that they are. And is that the virtual reality may have a long road and, although for now nothing beats the HTC Live, that does not mean that there are no alternatives to be solid, especially in different categories, such as mobile devices or consoles.

HTC Live

The best

HTC Vive | Los mejores dispositivos de realidad virtual

Why should you buy it? It is the best device of virtual reality of the moment.

Who is it aimed at? To those who seek a virtual reality experience complete for a good price.

Why we chose the HTC Vive? Even with the Live Pro available, the original device developed by HTC and Valve continues to deliver the virtual reality experience more complete and accessible. The HTC Vive is specifically designed for rooms and has a huge library of games. Most important, it is available at an affordable price.

The two OLED displays offer up a resolution combined 2,160 x 1,200 pixels, with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a camera of 720p to track and detect obstacles. The device also includes a pair of motion controllers, two trackers of faro and a pair of headphones.

The space crawled part in 5 x 6.5 feet (1.5 x 2 meters) and reaches 16 x 16 feet (4.8 x 4.8 meters) with the two sensors. You can walk freely, and even to bend and lean in the corners to see up close. It is incredibly immersive, and avoids previous problems, such as dizziness. The motion controllers of Lives, are intuitive, are equipped with a few buttons, and a powerful touch panel that allows movements and configurations accurate.

The recently announced Oculus Rift’s offers the greatest competition to the reign of the Living as one of the best devices of virtual reality, but we won’t know until you try.

HTC Live Pro

The best device premium

HTC Vive Pro | Los mejores dispositivos de realidad virtual

Why should you buy it? You have a powerful computer for games and offers the experience of a higher quality.

Who is it aimed at? Anyone who has a computer VR powerful, and you do not mind to invest a few good dollars.

Why we chose the HTC Live Pro? The Live Pro is the best device on the market, but also one of the most expensive. Your $800 will go up at least to $1,100 dollars if you need the drivers and sensors, which probably will happen if you do not have a HTC Live. What you get in return? A virtual reality experience exceptional.

The Live Pro beats the Living original in almost everything: it is more comfortable, is better balanced, but the most important thing is that it has two high resolution screens that provide details unmatched, with a “screen door” -when you can distinguish the lines of the pixels – drastically reduced.

The Live original have two displays of 1,080 × 1,200 pixels, one for each eye, to achieve a maximum resolution of 2,160 × 1,200 pixels. The Live Pro increases the total resolution to 2880 × 1.600 pixels, or 1.400 × 1.600 pixels per eye. Like any video game, the higher the resolution, the graphics look more crisp and clean. The increased resolution also expands the visual range of effective devices.

While the Live Pro is at the top as one of the best devices of virtual reality, its high price will subtract points because of their new features do not outweigh the higher cost. The new options, such as the Index of valves, will give you the Live Pro more of a challenge for the crown of the best devices of virtual reality premium.

Play Station VR

The best device VR for consoles

Play Station VR | Los mejores dispositivos de realidad virtual

Why should you buy it? If you have a PS4 Pro and you want to try virtual reality game as Moss.

Who is it aimed at? Those who already have a PS4 and want to experience virtual reality without having to buy a full PC.

Why we chose the Sony PlayStation VR? Since the launch of the PlayStation VR in 2016, the console games of virtual reality have finally become a fact. Significantly cheaper than the HTC Vive, the PSVR is a viewer surprisingly effective.

The technical specifications demonstrate the difference in power between the consoles, games, modern, desktop systems, but it has more subpixels on its OLED screen, its two main competitors, which means better color reproduction.

Although it offers excellent pictures and a follow-up decent with its camera system, are left behind with their drivers Move Motion. They are suitable for strokes broad, but its tracking technology oldest not reach the level of Living. Unfortunately, the PSVR also suffers from the problem of the screen door, even more than the Rift or the Lives.

The PSVR Sony has the hardware, competitive price and large base of users to become potentially the first major solution to virtual reality to games, but you should be aware that the Lives and Rift are better.

If you’ve recently upgraded to the PS4 Pro and don’t plan on buying a PC for gaming, the PSVR is an excellent addition.

Oculus Go

The best device of virtual reality independent

Oculus Go | Los mejores dispositivos de realidad virtual

Why should you buy it? Offers a virtual reality experience of entry level at a great price.

Who is it aimed at? New users of virtual reality that don’t want to be tied down to anything.

Why we chose the Oculus Go? The majority of the viewers mobile virtual reality need a smart phone of a brand, type or size-specific to act as a screen and processor, but that isn’t happening with the Oculus Go. It has everything built-in and offers hours of virtual reality untethered, at a price lower than the main offerings.

Your only limitation are the three degrees of freedom. What does this mean? You can’t visualize moving forward and backwards or up and down. But you can follow the inclination and the orientation, making it ideal for reality experiences virtual sit-ins. It has a comfortable fit and well designed. While there are better viewfinders, none of them offer their level of functionality at the same price.

The Oculus Go may have limitations, but it offers to the users a virtual reality experience that is optimized, that becomes a great starting point for newcomers to the world of virtual reality.

Oculus Rift

The device best price

Oculus Rift | Los mejores dispositivos de realidad virtual

Why should you buy it? Easily upgradeable, it’s the cheapest solution for your PC.

?Who is it addressed to? If you want a device VR premium at a low cost.

Why did we choose the Oculus Rift? The Oculus Rift is becoming more and more competitive, especially by their significant and permanent fall of prices. Along with your powerful computer, is technically similar to the HTC Live and has a good follow up to the scale of the room and one of the best motion controllers.

After more than two years of development, the Rift also has hundreds of applications and games compatible to enjoy, offering a wide range of experiences to the users of really old and new. While it is not as good as the HTC Live, for that price there is no other that offers so much.

Do you have to wait?

If you still don’t have a computer of high-end games or PlayStation 4, the price is still quite high. You should think about spending around $1,000 dollars or more. If this sounds like a lot, there are a large number of devices of Windows Mixed Reality that you can consider, but none has impressed us particularly. And if you’re ready to take the step, there are enough games and experience, always and when you choose one of the best devices of virtual reality, as Living, Rift, Oculus Go or PSVR. But if you have doubts about the future of this technology, it may not be a bad idea to wait.

How we tested the devices

We begin by knowing everything we can about the devices of virtual reality, often before they try him. When we have it in our hands, we play as many titles as possible and we push the hardware to uncomfortable situations to see how he responds.

After, we put it in the most hands of our colleagues as possible. We give them free rein over the device, allowing them to choose titles and use it to your whim. While fewer instructions there are, the more likely you are to find hidden situations that reveal the ability of the hardware or the problems.

The most important thing is that we compare the best devices of virtual reality with other offers in the market, including those that we have used and products that are not yet available, to determine whether each offer is a good alternative.

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