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The best covers for Kindle 2019 that will protect your eBooks

The big screens of the phones allow you to read books in them, but this is not recommended, as it can affect the view because they are not specialized in that function. For that are the eReaders that they are prepared for this specific use. One of the most popular is the Amazon, which the company just updated with the model Kindle 2019, which incorporates a 6-inch screen, backlit to read in the dark, 4GB of storage and a battery that can last up to four weeks. If you already have clear your new acquisition, you will need to take it protected. Below, we show the best sleeves for Kindle, 2019.


mejores fundas para Kindle 2019

As always, the cover Amazon is one of the best that you can buy for your new Kindle. Opens like a book, but has his own style with a front cover made of soft fabric, inner lining made of microfiber and a durable back cover of plastic that protects the device. It is perfectly closed with some small magnets, and a system sleep/wake puts your Kindle to sleep while it is closed, and wakes you up when it is open, helping to save battery power. It is thin and lightweight, which you will need for long marathons of reading. Unfortunately, it is not a case cover with stand to support the type of origami, and is rather expensive, but it is a sheath excellent, and facilitates the portability and grip of the device.


mejores fundas para Kindle 2019

However, it is not necessary to pay the price of Amazon to have a excellent sheath folding. This model of Fintie is a great alternative if you want to spend a little less. Has a PU synthetic leather on the front cover instead of fabric, but you will also find a soft inner lining of microfiber and a durable plastic case protective with reinforced corners in the rear. It also has a system of sleep/wake to help save battery power and, despite the protection, remains thin and light. Best of all is that they are sold in various colors and designs for eye-catching, such as one with a tree and another with the galaxy, in addition to rose gold. You can even buy the black version for only $11 dollars, more affordable, and unobtrusive to others.


mejores fundas para Kindle 2019

If you like to use your ebook reader with hands free while you’re eating, prepare something in the kitchen or at any other time, you need a holster that will facilitate this reading. This of Timovo allows you to place the Kindle in a vertical at different inclinations, which makes it easy reading while your hands are occupied. It is made of PU leather, which is durable and easy to keep clean. When not in use, the Kindle is fully protected, keeping it safe, and with the system activation/deactivation means that saves battery life when the device is not in use. If you don’t like the black version of the image above, you can pay a little more for the models with designs of flower, almond, tree of fate or starry night.


mejores fundas para Kindle 2019

Although I still can’t find a great variety of covers for the Kindle 2019, there are a few more options stylish as this leather PU Ayotu, which is similar to the other options on this list, covered with PU leather and an inner lining of microfiber that prevents scratches, a system sleep/wake and magnetic lid. But the real attraction here is the range of color options, which includes the design of a library of image and other great that you will not find in other covers. Best of all is that there is no difference in price between the different options.


mejores fundas para Kindle 2019

If you like the feel of holding the Kindle without the cover, but still want to protect it while you put it in your bag or backpack, consider purchasing a protective bag. This Moko is made of a fabric that is soft to keep the device in its interior. The flap of fabric that is sealed with velcro, which keeps it safe, and there is even a second pocket for your cell phone. Although it is not tailor-made for your Kindle, 2019, will keep you protected while you’re away from home, while adding a touch of style.

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