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The best cases for the Moto G7 Power are in this selection

At first glance, there is little difference the Bike G7 Power from the rest of the new range G7 Motorola, but looking closer you will find a big difference: the Bike G7 Power true to its name, to enjoy a massive battery of 5,000 mAh that should be able to feed the modest hardware for more than a day. But all this longevity means nothing if you drop the mobile in your first time out and meets an untimely end. The Bike G7 Power may be cheap, but this is not a reason that descuidarlo: these are the best cases for the Moto G7 Power.

Transparent cover Olixar FlexiShield

fundas para el moto g7 power olixar best cases 720x720

While it is not a terminal frame, the Bike G7 Power remains a phone that is attractive and it is possible that you don’t want to hide it. Fortunately, this transparent sleeve from Olixar will help you not to do it. It is made of TPU that is flexible but durable, so it protects well against scratches and falls. The soft material helps to disperse impact and also provides a smooth surface and tacky to your fingers also. It is completely transparent which allows you to show the mobile, and has raised edges all around the cover, which helps to keep the device free of dirt and sand. It is super thin, and for just $ 6 dollars, it seems a bargain.


Hard case Head Colorful Birds

fundas para el moto g7 power head case best cases 720x720

There is nothing wrong in adding a little more color to your phone and this hard case Head Case is an excellent way to do it. It is decorated with an image of a red bird elegant and artistic, with a transparent background, and you have other models to choose from. But the cover also provides good protection because it uses strong polycarbonate (PC) to avoid damage and scratches. Be warned, however, that while the PC is strong, it is not as absorbent as the TPU and can break if it falls. However, it is extremely thin and certainly is cheap enough and will protect your G7 Power at the same time, that gives it a unique style.

Sleeve type billfold leather Sleo

fundas para el moto g7 power sleo best cases 720x720

The covers, wallet type, and its combination of style and functionality, they have their audience and it is not difficult to see why. This cover of Sleo is made of PU artificial leather, a durable material and easy to clean that offers a total protection for the phone. A case inner TPU holds the phone firmly in place and the front cover is closed around the terminal when not in use, protecting it from possible damage. During use, the lid folds behind the device, or even can be folded as a stand for watching videos. There is space for several cards on the front deck, and the luxurious brown leather PU adds an aspect of executive and business.

Hard case hybrid Z-Gene

fundas para el moto g7 power z gen best cases 720x720

The best covers use the polycarbonate as the TPU as base materials, and the same thing happens with the case of Z-Gene. An inner core of TPU absorbent, protects your phone against falls and bumps, while an outer layer of polycarbonate away from scratches and provides a backbone a solid. The edges of the TPU help your fingers keep a strong grip on the device, and even comes with a screen protector of tempered glass to provide full protection. On the negative side, it is quite boring to level and aesthetic looks a bit like a brick. Still, it’s cheap and there are accounts with a wide range of colors to make it a little less bland.

Holster vault This Air

fundas para el moto g7 power ouba best cases 720x720

Always comes well an extra of protection and the holster Air Hybrid of This is outstanding in this field. Like other rivals, the Air Hybrid uses TPU and polycarbonate hard, and also used a TPU bumper soft with a back plate solid PC to offer a great protection. The protectors of the corners in TPU equipped with an air bag system, strengthening your protection against falls. Thanks to its construction, it is thinner than other options and its back plate transparent allows you to show off a little to in paragraph aesthetic. The raised edges also protect the screen and the lens of the camera to damage. While it is not the best option that exists, is protective and has a great price.

Holster Shockproof of Lovepec

fundas para el moto g7 power lovepec best cases 720x720

Do you need a way to keep your phone protected, but also keeping it accessible? The protective Lovepec account with a high level of protection and a holster with belt clip that keeps your phone ready whenever you need it. The sleeve has an inner core of TPU, a back plate made of polycarbonate, and a plastic frame that keeps the cell of hazardous surfaces. But it is the outer structure in itself that makes it truly special: the separate piece has a swivel clip that can attach in backpacks and belts, which allows the phone to be available quickly and easily. And if you are not on site in the pocket is scarce, or is not easy to access, this case is an excellent option.

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