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The best apps for getting organized at home or at work

Whether in the workplace or at home, keep things organized is not always an easy task. The good thing is that today, in the digital age, there are alternatives that help to keep order in an automated way, with a variety of applications that have become essential for many. So if you’re using a phone, as a tablet or a computer, it is possible to take advantage of the technology and use it in a positive way to learn how to organize our responsibilities, to remember things that there are to do, and manage tasks in general. Many productivity tools and organization have already been available for quite a long time, but how do you know you’re getting the appropriate application for your lifestyle? We have done the heavy lifting for you and we have gathered a list of the best apps for getting organized that are now available.


mejores apps para organizarse evernote app

This application for notes and lists of to-dos comes with a variety of options. Supports multiple methods of note-taking and reminders, which include voice notes, playlists, and even has the ability of adding photos or videos, and attach documents from Word or PDF to your lists. Each time you add something to Evernote, it syncs across all your devices, but there is an option for offline access to your files if you choose a monthly subscription.

You don’t have to pay anything for Evernote Basic, but Evernote Premium will cost you $8 per month or $70 if you pay for the full year. This comes with a number of additional options, such as offline access, additional storage and the ability to add support of password to lock your notes and lists. We recommend you to use the free version for a while to assess whether it is worth it.

best to do list apps google keep 9 720x720
The application Google Tasks is one of the most simple, minimalistic, and well designed, that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without complicating. With it you can create tasks, set a date to do it, make a description, and then add subtasks. All appear in a list and you can mark each sub-task as “completed”. There is a limit to the amount of lists you can create: you Can, for example, create a shopping list, a to-do list, and everything you can imagine. To change the simplicity of Google Tasks, you will not be able to have some of the features of labelling and organization that are more detailed than found in other applications.

Google Tasks is available on iOS and Android. And if you use Gmail on the web, you will see a summary of your tasks to be done in the right edge, next to the application Calendar and Google Keep.


mejores apps para organizarse trello

Trello is somewhere between a tool task list, a tool of visual tracking and project management tool that allows you to assign tasks to your team, add check lists, discussions, documents, and track your progress. This application organizes your projects into boards, cards and lists.

A dashboard is basically a page that contains lists which give you a complete view of your projects. The items within the lists are called cards, and these can be easily drag and drop within lists. The individual cards may also contain due dates, file attachments, checklists, images, notes, discussion, and colored labels.

Think of the cards Trello are as if they were sticky notes type post-its, but everything is better because they are digital. You can search for, share, and also come with reminders. Everything syncs immediately on any device that you’re connected with the same account.

The platform is slightly inspired by the system of KanBan, which was developed by Toyota as a way of handling the flexibility of those involved, while maintaining high levels of production, but you can use it for any type of task or project staff.


mejores apps para organizarse todoistIf you want an app devoted exclusively to a list of tasks, it is worth taking a look at Todoist. You can register with your profile Facebook or Google account, and getting started is as simple as typing your first list. Set up new tasks is just as easy: write it and press “enter”. You can also set a deadline for completion of the work and to assign a priority, as well as assign it to a group. When the chart is complete you can mark the box next to each line. But if you want all the features, you will have to pay for them. The basic option is free, and subscribe to Todoist Premium will cost you around $29 dollars per year.

Image result for wunderlist
This platform has many of the same options that make Todoist is excellent, with an easy method for configuring new tasks, a collaboration simple between users and the ability to assign tasks to specific groups. But Wunderlist is far more generous by providing access, so that free users can access reminders based on schedules, assign tasks to other people, and leave comments. Is restricted to the amount of people who can do things at the same time (only 25 people assigned per shared list), but that is more than enough for any family.

Wunderlist has eliminated its premium option, which means that all the functions are now available for free for your phone, tablet or computer.


noticias semana 9 7 18 fire hd 10 kids edition family 1500x1000
If your organizational needs are limited specifically to your home and your family, here are some other options:

An app that promises to help you to manage tasks, events, create shopping lists, and share them among the members of your family with minimal effort.

With this tool you can generate a family organization, to build teams of different tasks, and make information available instantly and synchronized.

It is a system focused on the smallest of the house, that delivers rewards for the goals achieved, encouraging their responsibility.

This method also is mainly focused in the smaller ones. An easy way to teach children about simple and routine tasks, such as brushing your teeth after every meal, clear the table or feed the pet.

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