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The best applications for the iPhone that you must have

The Apple iPhone is a smart phone very popular, and, for that reason, we want to help you get the most out of if you have one. From applications for appointments, to scanners, QR, your phone is capable of almost anything these days, and many apps are ahead of their competitors. We have therefore decided to compile this guide to the best applications for iPhone. We shall be filled with the time to be as complete as possible.

Apps Essential


Do you want to find nearby restaurants or track a package with your voice? Well, the official application from Google allows users to have entire conversations with their phones. It’s like Siri… except that it connects with your Google accounts and it works so much better.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an update to the default browser, Safari. The application can synchronize your history and your bookmarks on all devices, and includes things like the autocomplete function in the search bar and the functionality of tabs unlimited.



Even today, Facebook is THE social network. If you want your phone to be official on Facebook, you must download this app. An essential tool for almost all, as many other social apps connect via Facebook in order to acquire vital information.



YouTube used to come with your phone, but with iOS 6, Apple deleted it. Fortunately, Google brought it back. If you still don’t know what is YouTube, it’s because I’ve been stuck in 2005. Now also has YouTube Network, a monthly subscription service that allows you the playlists downloaded to be used offline and without ads.



Bitmoji lets you customize everything from the color of hair and eyes of your avatar cartoon up to their attire and accessories. With the huge library of stickers, which includes this application, you can send dozens of different emojis personal through iMessage, and any other application that supports copy/paste. You can also link the application to Snapchat, so that your stories are even more fun.



It may be property of Facebook, but Instagram is still the best social network to share photos (and driving them out with filters unnecessary). The exquisite camera from your iPhone and Instagram they love and worship him as the sea to the beach, the birds, the wind… etc


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