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The application redesigned Uber Eats leaves you to follow each step of your delivery

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If you are one of those who usually order food to get delivered to your home or place of work, you’re probably familiar with Uber Eats, delivery service, Uber, which has become a favorite of many hungry customers. Like what happens when you use the service of shared rides from Uber, the transaction, both application and payment are made through their smart phone app.

Now, in an attempt to make its service more competitive in prices and at the same time increase their efficiency, Uber Eats is looking for ways to encourage customers located in a specific area of ordering from the same restaurant, so a single driver can deliver several meals in a single trip. In addition, the company announced that it is implementing a major redesign of your application, using eye-catching graphics to provide more detailed information about the progress of your order.

While the app redesigned is available globally, Uber has been testing the mode of delivery is more economic only in India under the name of Uber Eats Pool, which takes its name from Uber Pool, the part of the service of shared rides from Uber which is a group of passengers travel to the same destination to obtain cheaper rates, using algorithms and machine learning to offer the correct options to its users.


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This is how it works: Uber Eats cobra to a restaurant a small fee for the priority placement of your business on the home screen of the app, Uber Eats. The restaurant featured keeps its prominent position for a limited period of time, possibly only a few minutes, if the restaurant reaches its limit for orders.

By the way this service is structured, the restaurant can not remain the top of the list for a long time, because the customers who order early will not want to wait to receive your order. In this way, the restaurant can expect a lot of activity, as orders will rush due to its privileged position on the application of Uber.

Each restaurant is shown to the customers only in a particular part of the city, which provides the driver of the vehicle that will delivery a better chance of handing out all the orders before any of them are cool.

It is important to note that, in order to encourage customers, offers a discount on the order. There is also a countdown clock that shows exactly how much time they have left to order before the disappearance of the discount, a mechanism that would certainly persuade the more hungry to push the button to order quickly.

“It is similar to what we did with Uber Pool,” said Stephen Chau, Uber Eats to TechCrunch, and added that Uber Eats uses machine-learning to offer discounts on restaurants particular to particular customers in particular areas. “When several people order at the same restaurant, the drivers of deal can deliver the food to several people,” said Chau.

Uber Eats has not announced when it might bring the system to the united States or to other countries at the global level, but if the test goes well in India, it would not be surprising that it will come to other markets in a short time.


This news comes just days after Uber Eats has announced that it is implementing a major redesign of the application, which uses eye-catching graphics to provide more detailed information about the progress of your order.

Before, the grocery delivery service offered only updates basic, that you reported that your food was being prepared and when it was on the way, but the new application now gives you to to know the time in which your order has been accepted, when it is prepared, and when a delivery is on the way to the restaurant to pick up your order. This is another update that informs you that the messenger is directed towards your home or place of work, along with a map that shows your route. And, finally, another update shown when you have your destination, so you can go out to meet him. You’ll also see a countdown clock that shows you how many minutes are left until your food arrives at your door.

Andy Szybalski, global head of product design, Uber Eats, said in a blog post that introduces the new app also brings new features to better manage delays and other events that could occur on the way.

For example, if your order is delayed or cancelled, the application will provide specific information about what is happening and why. If you need to, you can also get in contact with the messenger of delivery, even before you pick up your order at the restaurant. The improved support through call or chat has also been incorporated into the app.

With its fun animations, the renewed application Uber Eats is without a doubt the easiest to use and gives you a clearer idea of how you are progressing your order, allowing you to plan ahead and do other things while you wait.


Uber Eats is launched in 2014 under the name UberFresh, as the service of delivery of meals only for lunch, and that was available in select cities of the united States, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin, Texas.

Originally, it was part of the implementation of shared rides from Uber, but in 2016 launched a standalone app called Uber Eats, and has since launched the service in more cities at a global level. Of course, Uber is not the only one that offers a delivery service of meals. In fact, the competition in this space is stronger than ever,with services like GrubHub, DoorDash or Seamless vying for a piece of the pie.

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