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The Apple Watch can be customized in the shops and on the web

apple watch studio series 5 par

Apple has refreshed its smart watch with screen improvements and new applications. And as usual, next to the traditional model, has also launched a version with a sporty look to the hand of Nike, as well as other luxury superelegante of Hermès. But there are still new developments that we didn’t expect: a new service, called Apple Watch Studio, which allows you to completely customize the product. In this way, each user can acquire the device that best suits your tastes and your style.

With this new service, you can choose from all the external elements that make up the Apple Watch: case size 40 mm or 44 mm, the material (aluminum, steel, titanium and ceramics), and, of course, the belt (silicone, leather, nylon, or steel). If you add up the different colors, Apple says that it is possible to make up to 1,000 combinations. Once elected the different parts of the clock, you hit the finish button and it shows you a picture of the model created (with the respective price) and the option to select between the version with GPS or GPS + Cellular, and the size of the strap.

Apple Watch Studio launched in some stores of the united States as a pilot experience. The company now offer it in all its physical premises and also on the internet, so that it is possible to try it out. The signature of the block facilitates the possibility of maximum customization of their watches smart, something that reinforces the idea of exclusivity that both are imposed at these times, the high-end products.

The new Apple Watch comes to stores on September 20, with a screen that will always be turned on, to be able to see everything without the need of touching the device or turning the wrist. For the more adventurous, brings now a compass and an updated version of the Maps application, among many other innovations. For the moment, we do not know when it will come to the service Apple Watch Studio to the stores.

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