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The advantages that we hope the 5G is real, but… will it take to get

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With all of the talk of 5G, it is easy to forget that it’s still not enjoyed the full potential of 4G; what we now have is actually 4G LTE, a substantial improvement of the 3G, but that does not reach anywhere near the speed specifications set forth by the regulatory agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The technical standard for 4G is to achieve maximum speeds of at least 100Mbps for high mobility (when you’re moving quickly) or 1Gbps for applications that are more stationary.

Because this goal was pretty unattainable for the operators and manufacturers not long ago, the regulator allowed these entities denominated in their offer 4G LTE always and when improve substantially the 3G. Only now, with the introduction of LTE-Advanced, we began to see that those promises become reality, but even so, in real conditions, it is more likely to see speeds in the double digits in the digit triples.

If it surprises you that information, you’re not alone: it is a reality that those involved in the industry do not like to convey. Even so, after an initial deployment spot, 4G LTE has met with many of the predictions and expectations that were set before its launch; that is to say, gave origin to the consumption and use of mobile video , a tipping point mass in the history of technology. Since the age of 4G LTE, we got video chat, social networks driven by video as a Snapchat, and the consumption of tv and movies through apps like Netflix.

What;will be the 5G so influential? All signs point to yes, but as happened with the 4G, it will take time. In an effort to establish more realistic expectations for the new generation wireless, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which the implementation 5G may be similar to the deployment of 4G LTE, and some ways in which you might differ.


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The specification of IMT-2020 the ITU requires that the 5G reach maximum speeds of 20Gbps, but as we saw in the 4G LTE, we could achieve realistically in this type of speeds within 10 years. Even then, those speeds are only expected when using the spectrum of short-wave mmWave, not the spectrum of sub-6GHz range longer. That means that, as usual, the rural areas will not see the benefits for a while and by the time, consumers who live in urban areas should expect speed improvements in line with LTE Advanced (or, arguably, 4G real) that will improve gradually each year.


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Prototype Samsung 5G

When 4G LTE first appeared on the scene, the supported devices were manifestly improvable: bulky, required a lot of power and expensive. A key concern with the prospect of 5G is that the first phones 5G will also present these needs and is, after all, the hardware 5G is bulky, and when a phone is constantly striving to connect to a new network with the still very poor coverage, the battery drains quickly.

But advocates of the technology 5G promise that the problems with the battery will not affect this new generation of wireless technology as it did with the previous one. Why? Mainly because the first phones 5G will be based mainly on 4G and 4G LTE, that’s not exactly an attractive selling particularly powerful. In addition, some companies plan to keep the consumption low battery excluding the technology mmWave, possibly the most important breakthrough of 5G.

In terms of the size and the price, phones 5G using mmWave need multiple antennas because even the hands can block the signal easily, and at the beginning, the devices will need modems LTE, and 5G. Both the price and the size will increase with security and, in the last instance, the device 5G may be a little bit better than the 4G LTE from the perspective of the release, but only slightly.


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AT&T mobile logo, 5G AND

Many of the misconceptions about the 5G will come directly from the operators and their marketing campaigns exaggerated, which is counterproductive, but understandable. With each new generation of wireless operators invested heavily in upgrades that are difficult to commercialize due to its own nature. The new generations of wireless have potential, but it is difficult to sell only the potential. However, the operators try to do so, creating content that shows a heterogeneous mixture of future technology: augmented reality and virtual, cars without drivers and robots. In addition, and perhaps more aventuradamente, they promise that the current applications will also be much better as a result of the new generation wireless.

The operators can be true with respect to what contribution the technology and only time will tell, but to suggest that the 5G will be beneficial in the short term is likely to force a reality that has not yet come. By the time there is not a reason tangible to believe that the networks 5G in development will make our lives easier, particularly from the point of view of interoperability. What a major problem? Due to the use of different frequencies of spectrum by different operators EE. UU., the first devices, 5G will probably be blocked by the operator, which means that you will not be able to freely change service 5G from one operator to another.

Eventually, that problem will be fixed as it did with 4G LTE, but in this regard, as with the others, the deployment of 5G does not seem much easier than it was for the 4G LTE, especially if we do not face the facts that we have already lived.

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