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Technological advances in the home that may be excellent

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

With the series of technological advances in the home and with tens of articles becoming more and more “intelligent”–from dishwashers to coffee makers and light bulbs– it was quite logical to assume that the furniture would follow the same route. The furniture of high-technology, can help the actions of your day-to-day easier and more efficient for you, and it is even likely that your life of a little twist and tuck to these updates very quickly, as happened with the cell phone.

From bedside cabinets that can charge up your phone to armchairs that will make you cancel those costly appointments of quiromasajes, these products are the best furniture of high technology available in the market. We have gathered all, and here you the we show.

Nightstand South Shore Nightstand

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

Why should you buy it? For your charging system integrated into its interior.

Who is it for? Anyone to stumble and make a mess with the numerous cables that are in the house will love the simplicity that it offers for this bedside table.

How much does it cost? $138 at Amazon.

Why we chose her? If you’re like many users of smart phones, sure you like to charge your device on the night table while you sleep. It may seem like a good idea, but all those tangled cables tend to be quite bad, plus they can provoke a stumbling block.

This nightstand from South Shore solves all these problems. Has a drawer charging station built-in that will hide the cables, all while keeping devices charged and within reach of the hand. In addition, you’ll be able to store books, accessories, or other items. Has the ideal size for most bedrooms or living rooms, with dimensions of 19.2 x 24.5 x 27.5 inches. It also has a stylish look, thanks to their handles of metal and color schemes are simple. You can choose between black or white.

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Recliner Real Relaxing Full Body Massage

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

Why should you buy it? It is one of the massage chairs more well-designed on the market.

Who is it for? For any person suffering from back pain or stress.

How much does it cost? $850 on Amazon.

Why do we chose? This massage chair will make you feel great, doing home work before you got in an expensive spa session. It gives you relaxation from head to feet, being able to choose between 4 massage programs preset. The chair also has a function of roll stand, one additional feature for those who want a foot massage cash. The heater waistband built-in helps blood circulation and improves the metabolism. In addition, the chair comes with a footrest extension for everyone in the family can enjoy the agreeable pleasure of a good massage.

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Bed smart Sleep Number i10

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

Why should you buy it? You will rest better at night with this bed that adjusts to your needs.

Who is it for? For those who suffer from insomnia or who wake up frequently at night.

How much does it cost? From $4,400 in Sleep Number.

v why we chose it? A good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining your physical well-being, your mental health and your energy. This mattress is designed to help you sleep and rest every night so that you awake with renewed energies and to face better the challenges of the day-to-day. This bed is firm, and has adjustable legs on both sides, which makes it perfect for couples who have different preferences of mattress. The technology of cooling climate prevents you acalores too much in the evenings, enabling you to sleep better. The technology Responsive Air responds automatically to suit your needs. Both you, as your partner, they will sleep deeply and very comfortable on this mattress intelligent high-tech.

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Sleep Number

Table of centre Regarding High-Tech

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

Why should you buy it? This table does more than hold your coffee.

Who is it for? Do you want a table that stays cold your beer and touch your music? So here you have it.

How much does it cost? $1,499 on Indiegogo.

Why we chose her? This table was funded by crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and it is not absolute, a table average. It is equipped with three drawers, one of which is cooled, while the other two are used to store any other thing. Imagine that you’re watching a good game of football and do not want to get up from the sofa to search for another beer. All you have to do is open a drawer, and there you have it, cold! In addition, you can synchronize the table with your mobile device via Bluetooth and play music on their speakers built in. The table also comes with a few controls that allow you to adjust the volume. Are you worried about a short circuit if you spill liquid on it? Don’t worry: the controls are under tempered glass, exactly for that reason.

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Office chair ergonomic Think of Steelcase

avances tecnológicos en el hogar

Why should you buy it? It is smart enough to adjust to your posture.

Who is it for? For anyone who spends a lot of time sitting, or you want to improve your posture.

How much does it cost? Starts at $804 in Steel Case.

Why we chose her? This chair smart understands how you feel, and then adjusts itself accordingly. The system LiveBack integrated adapts to your body and moves with you, if you adjust your posture. The chair also learns to recognize the weight of your body and adjust to it, so that any member of the family can feel comfortable in it quickly. Users can also use manual settings to personalize your comfort. The lumbar built-in provides a support for the back much better than most of the office chairs, and the armrests 4-way adjustable, ensure that your arms, wrists, and shoulders feel comfortable while you write or work at your desk. It is also easy to set up, and requires no hand tools to complicated to put it together or make it work.

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Steel Case

*Updated as of September 12.

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