Surface Go vs. Surface Pro What you need to buy?

Surface Go vs. Surface Pro

To strengthen its range of tablets with Surface Go, a hybrid 2-in-1 for $ 400 dollars, Microsoft seeks to offer an option decidedly more inexpensive to potential buyers of Surface that you find in the high price is an obstacle. Now, what model to choose from your catalog? Face Surface Go vs. Surface Pro.

Is it worth it to spend a little more for the top model or you can get what you need with the lowest cost option? In this face-to-face face the Surface Go against the Surface Pro 2017, to discover where is the best price-quality ratio.


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Although the Surface Pro 6 is the tablet Microsoft more new and expensive, and in his time we qualify to the Surface Pro 2017 the fifth generation as the best Windows 2 in 1 which you can buy for a good reason: it has a chassis that is fantastic that is the time elegant and sturdy, offering a solid feel and premium. It is a bit heavier than the Surface Go and is slightly larger, but this doesn’t detract from the be a device versatile and compact. It has a great hinge that lets you fold up to become almost flat (165 degrees) with the support and you can always flip the keyboard to the tablet mode complete when necessary.

Surface Go is comparable in almost every way and has an almost identical layout. It would be difficult to distinguish them by their appearance and it is difficult to know at first glance where it comes from the higher price of the Surface Pro. Account with a screen smaller than 10 inches in front of 12.3 inches on the Pro, but both have keyboards compact and trackpad (unfortunately not included). The keyboard on the Go really impressed us enough to say happily that it is the best keyboard of 10 inch that we have used, but in this format, it’s not so comfortable in long periods of use as a bigger one, but it could be said that it is lower quality than the keyboard of the Pro. In both cases, you must pay extra for this peripheral.

In terms of connectivity, the Pro reminds us of his age by offering a USB-a port TO 3.0 traditional, along with a card reader microSDXC, a mini DisplayPort output, a port Surface for power and a connector for headphones. Surface Go replace all this by a single USB port-C, a card reader microSDXC, and a connector for headphones.


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The internal hardware we cleared all the doubts about why the Surface Pro 2017 is a device that is more expensive: it is significantly more powerful. Let us recall that the Surface Go part of the $ 400 and has an Intel Pentium processor Gold 4415Y dual-core with up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space, but the Surface Pro has options much more attractive to choose. The base model for $ 749 dollars comes with an Intel Core processor m3, which should be overcome without problems by the Pentium Gold, but from there, things become much more interesting. For a couple of hundred dollars extra, you get a CPU Core i5 quad-core, and if your budget allows, there are options for a CPU to Core i7, up to 16 GB of RAM and a TB of storage space. This radically changes with the new Surface Pro 6, which comes with quad-core CPUS as standard.

The fifth generation Surface Pro 2017 is also available today with LTE connectivity Advanced, and this option is also available on the Surface Go, although it is a little more expensive than the base model to $ 679 dollars.

The screen of the Surface Pro will also mark the differences: with a size of 12.3 inches, has a resolution of 2,736 × 1,824, with a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch (PPI). In comparison, Surface Go offers a display of 1800 x 1200 with a PPI of 217. While both screens look great, it is difficult to refute that the significantly greater density of pixels on the Pro looks significantly better.

Although the fifth generation of Surface Pro 2017 is the device more expensive in almost all configurations, this equipment offers a more powerful system and one that can do much more than basic computer tasks general most configurations of Surface Go.


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What the Surface Go lacks in power it makes up for in portability. It is a smaller device (25.4 centimeters at its widest point), compared to the Surface Pro with its 29.1 x 20.7 x 0.8 cm. It is also lighter, weighing in at just over half a kilo, while the Pro tips the scales up to 0.785 kg with the configuration of hardware heavier. Both tablets are very portable, but if you plan to load a throughout the day, Go is the device noticeably lighter.

However, the Go may struggle to last as long as the Pro with a single charge: Surface Go only offers eight hours of video, more near in work of higher productivity. Surface Pro offers a range of up to 13.5 hours. In our tests, it allowed more than 10 hours of looping video, constant, so they can easily withstand a day of full work and some more juice.


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If you are considering both devices, we recommend that you consider the Surface Pro 2017 as a fifth-generation if you can afford it. If your price is higher, your hardware configuration far exceeds, and therefore provides the Surface Go. May seem more or less the same thing, but the better screen resolution, more powerful processor and long battery life makes the Surface Pro a computer more versatile. Although Surface Go feels better in the hand to use as a tablet due to its size, Windows 10 is not really optimized to take full advantage of that strength.

Surface Go is a small device very worthy, but it is more appropriate to rival the iPad from Apple with the Surface Pro. If you can permitírtelo buy the Pro. You will not be disappointed.

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