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Sony unveils drone and bet on 4K streaming at CES 2021

The unprecedented CES 2021 that takes place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic led Sony to a new market, that of drones.

At a virtual conference, Sony President Kenichiro Yoshida showed off Airpeak, a drone designed for filmmakers and photographers and designed specifically for Alpha cameras. It is a quadcopter with two retractable extensions that act as landing gears and possibly help stabilize the drone during flight.

See the latest news from Sony unveiled at CES 2021, starting with the exclusive reveal of Airpeak. Learn more: https://t.co/ltzutqpAgx #SonyCES pic.twitter.com/B0HpRGpSKF

& mdash; Sony (@Sony) January 11, 2021

Sony did not offer details on the Airpeak features and did not say when or how much it will cost. However, the company noted that it will include a full-frame Alpha camera.

In another close announcement with its traditional products, Sony presented its new line of Bravia XR 4K televisions that, in tune with the streaming era, will have a technology to reproduce content in ultra HD with almost the same quality as a Blu-ray disc . Sony calls it "Pure Stream" and claims that it will make use of internet connections of up to 80 mbps, well above the industry standard that recommends connections of between 15 and 25 mbps for streaming 4K movies.

Bravia XR TV lineup of five models, each available in sizes ranging from 50 to 100 inches.

Z9J Master Series 8K (Active Matrix LCD) – Available in 85 and 75-inch

A90J Master Series 4K (OLED): available in 83, 65 and 55 inches

A80J 4K (OLED) – Available in 77, 65 and 55-inch

X95J 4K (Active Matrix LCD) – Available in 85-, 75- and 65-inch

X93J 4K (Active Matrix LCD) – Available in 100-, 75-, 65-, 55- and 50-inch

360 audio is not far behind

Sony also took advantage of the virtual stage at CES 2021 to showcase its first speakers with 360 Reality Audio, an audio technology that promises to generate a sonic sensation similar to that of live music with algorithms that are optimized to the acoustic conditions of a room.

The Sony SRS-RA5000 360 speaker

The models are the SRS-RA5000 (top) and SRS-RA3000 (bottom). At first glance, the SRS-RA5000 seems to integrate only three speakers (those that can be seen at the top), however, it is actually a team with six speakers distributed in the upper part and on the sides, as well as a buffer. The more discreet SRS-RA3000 – similar to Amazon's Alexa speakers – consists of five speakers.

The Sony SRS-RA3000 speaker

Sony said that both speakers will be available from February 2021. It was not specified what their price will be in the United States, however, in Europe the price of the SRS-RA5000 will be € 599 euros and € 359 euros for the SRS- RA3000.

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