Sony thinks about the future after saying goodbye to the portable consoles

The end of 2019 has been sweet, and grapes for fans of the video game stalwarts Sony. Along with celebrating the 25 years of the PlayStation, the company will put the tablet to its portable console PS Vita.

sony playstation sucesor ps vita controller with screen 768x768

“PS Vita was brilliant in many aspects, among them the great gaming experience that it provided, but clearly his is a segment in which we are no longer”, he admitted to Game Informer , the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan.

But all is not lost, because apparently the japanese firm has already embarked on a project that although is not a direct successor, it could become a point of reference, especially considering that the home consoles do not promises them more than a generation.

Based on patent application documents published recently, the site LetsGoDigital revealed that Sony is working on a control for portable gaming compatible with other smart devices.

It would be a device that is multifunctional, that would include complementary features, as a function of mini-game, the music, the possibility to check emails and look at pictures, all connecting with other terminals.

cómo usar PS4 Remote Play

The leaked images by the specialized Dutch realize a device of a rectangular recalls the joystick of the first Nintendo console, mainly for its directional control in a cross and the four main buttons arranged in the vertices of an imaginary diamond.

Although it seems more thick, its construction resembles that of a smart phone, of course it has two top buttons to operate with the index (of the type “R” and “L”) and what looks like a small digital screen right in the center of your face main.

LetsGoDigital said that the device will also computer an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope and a speaker, plus a on / off switch in the lower sidewall.

To be an apparatus that is permanently connected to the internet, may always be operating at par with the computer, I could track down the location of the user and allowing him to play in other houses.

The control could serve perfectly well to access the games on the PlayStation platform Now on a variety of screens if Sony decides to invest in a streaming service of games to compete squarely with Microsoft and Google, specifically their products, xCloud and Stay.

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