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Sonos One vs Sonos Play 1: what is the difference between both speakers?

Sonos is a leader in audio for the quality of its devices and its wireless ecosystem, which greatly facilitates the extension of the music in all rooms of the house. In addition, its remote control app is very complete and is compatible with the services of most popular music, Alexa, the Google Assistant and AirPlay 2. So there is no doubt that buying one of your speakers is a good investment. However, what to buy? We will help you make up your mind with the comparative Sonos One vs Sonos Play 1. Both seem very similar to the view, and many features are also similar. But the last model released, the Sonos One, it adds some features worth knowing.


If you had to choose between one based solely on price, it would be an easy choice: Play:1 costs $149, that is to say, $50 dollars less than the Sonos One. If the only thing you cared about was to add a speaker Sonos to your home for the lowest possible investment, it is evident that the Play:1 has the advantage. But you have excellent reasons to spend the $50 extra dollars on a Sonos One. Given that this category is purely of price, the Play:1 win.

Winner: Sonos Play:1


Sonos One vs Sonos Play 1

This is the category most difficult to judge because these two wireless speakers are a lot like: the Sonos One is essentially a Play:1 with technology added. The physical dimensions are virtually identical, so they occupy the same space. However, the Play:1 has a mounting hole of the speaker built into his back that can accommodate a wide variety of mounting accessories, allowing you to place it anywhere where you have access to a power outlet, and this gives you greater versatility.

Sonos One uses touch sensitive controls which you can touch or swipe, while the Play:1 uses three physical buttons. Both will allow you to play/pause, adjust the volume, attach a speaker to a group and skip tracks. These last two options are a little easier on the Sonos One with slides, simple to the left or to the right, while the Play:1 it takes several pushes on the button play/pause. The Sonos One also has a mute control of the microphone.

The last design difference significant is the metal grill of the speakers. The Play: 1, both if you buy in white as in black, always used a grid of polished stainless steel. The Sonos One, by contrast, has less contrast. Both the models in white as in black and are dressed with a grilled monochrome combined with the color of the box. Both products are resistant to moisture, so that they can withstand the extra moisture of a bathroom, but may not be exposed to water directly.

Because of its higher versatility in placement options, we’re giving this point to the model Play:1, but we recognize that if mounting on the wall or the support of your speaker you don’t mind, this category is a draw.

Winner: Play:1

Sound quality

sonos one vs play 1 with alexa1 720x720

Sonos does not reveal specifications such as the power and the frequency response of their speakers, which hinders their comparison with other speakers. Therefore, the qualitative evaluation of both products is based on our senses. What we know is that Sonos One and Play:1 are components almost identical from the point of view of the driver and the amplifier.

Listen to them next to each other reveals only the slightest of differences sonic, and if we try to qualify them, we would say that the Sonos One sounds a bit more full that the Play:1. But we’re talking about differences fractional, which only you would realize after comparing them face to face, as we have done, for hours of listening. We believe that the majority of people will not notice any difference at all.

Winner: tie


sonos one vs play 1 review buttons 720x720

We have finally come to a category that does not compete. The Sonos One is much more than a wireless speaker, is also a speaker intelligent, complete and very good. Initially, the Sonos One is provided with support only for Alexa to Amazon, but this year added the compatibility with the Google Assistant. To change between the two is pretty easy, you can do so on the application of Sonos, but you can’t do that run simultaneously. We’re not going to get into all that you can do with the two assistants, but in regard to the products, Sonos, Sonos One offers voice control for music of any speaker, Sonos your home, whether intelligent or not.

A speaker smart only works when you are listening to, but there are times that that’s not what you want. Sonos says that to touch the microphone icon on the Sonos One guarantee privacy: if the microphone LED is not lit, it means that the circuit of the speaker has been turned off physically the microphone.

The Sonos One also comes with Apple AirPlay 2, the latest standard of Apple for audio multi room wireless. You may wonder why a product of Sonos you need AirPlay 2, since the technology wireless multi-room Sonos is one of the best. And, however, there are two good reasons for this.

First, Sonos has announced that in the near future, the changes in iOS will prevent the remote application to access local music on the iPhone or iPad. In effect, the source “on the device” that users of Sonos are accustomed to seeing will no longer appear. The solution, according to Sonos, is AirPlay 2, which will allow you to continue to play music from your iOS device to a Sonos system, though not through the application of Sonos. If the Sonos system does not have at least one product compatible with AirPlay 2 (as the Sonos One), you will lose this ability completely.

In the second place, AirPlay 2 it’s an amazing way to leverage the power of the speakers from Sonos to improve the sound of any video that is playing on your iOS device. Do you want to be able to listen to the Netflix movie on your iPad with a little more power? Simply open the menu, AirPlay and select Sonos One. If you have multiple speakers of Sonos, all can receive the same feature, AirPlay, provided that they are linked with the Sonos One.

As we said, there is no competition, and these are additional features that more than justify the higher price of the Sonos One.

Winner: Sonos One


You might think that because the Play:1 took two of the four categories and tied a third, is our winner, but as is sometimes the case, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Given its impressive capabilities as a speakerphone smart and the inclusion of AirPlay 2, we believe that the Sonos One is a wireless speaker more full. Even if we subtract some points for the lack of the mounting hole of the speaker, is far from being an obstacle. In fact, the Sonos One is so good, even at $50 more than the Play:1, we believe that the only reason that people should buy a Play:1 is if you already own a Sonos One (or perhaps a Sonos Beam, the other speaker smart of the company) and you are simply looking for an inexpensive way to add more speakers throughout the house.

And remember: if you want to match the speakers in stereo, you will need two of the same type (two speakers Play:1, two Sonos Ones, etc), as Sonos does not allow the pairing stereo for models of different speakers.

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