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Some of the best website builders to create your online site

mejores website builders

Today, having a website is essential for businesses, companies, or even for personal use. That’s why we’ve put together an updated list of our creators of favorite websites, to guide you through the search that is most appropriate for you and your needs.

Keep in mind that almost all of the creators of free web sites on our list also offer a set of premium package for a monthly price, many of which include storage and expanded bandwidth, as well as features that are often lacking in those packages without cost. The premium plans also eliminate the unwanted ads in your page, and the subdomain is hosted on the URL of the website of the company, which is a necessity if you are using your site for a professional field.

In most cases, you get what you pay for. While this does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot to have a great site, it is important to take into account how professional you want it to look. Most of the time, spend a little more can be of great help.

Our favorite


WordPress is the website builder is based on, the site Digital Trends, while we have our own team of professional developers behind the scenes. The service can be found at and it is possibly one of the most capable due to its nature of open source, especially for blogs, which allows a large number of templates, themes and add-ons that can be downloaded free of charge, or be purchased for an extra fee.

The platform has a learning curve relatively steep, which is not surprising, given its long-term capacity and its high level of customization, which is likely to require you to invest some time in learning its various functions. However, WordPress is excellent when it comes to ready-made themes, templates, optimized for mobile devices, and widgets that allow you to include everything from comments to pictures. WordPress will also provide you with information about the visitor traffic, which can help you to adapt your website to your audience, as well as 3 GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

You can download WordPress and install it directly on any hosting service (hosting) you would prefer to use. However, doing that is more complicated and requires more effort; for example, if you wanted to rearrange the layout of a particular template, you’ll need to modify the code to do this. The Plugins are there and can help, but the setup often requires more than a single click.

If you want an easier option, there is (note the difference: a is .org and the other is .com), which is a version of software that is hosted externally, which means that you can create an account online, upload what you want on the site, and publish it immediately. It is very simple, no downloads and no learning curve. And yet, it also offers a good amount of customization, and is available without the need of any kind of coding knowledge.

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Other platforms that we like


Wix is one of the best creators of free web sites that exist. Hundreds of HTML templates are extremely easy to use, and depend on the drag and drop interface of the software, which makes creating a website is a similar experience to that of creating a PowerPoint presentation. Although Wix offers more flexibility in terms of customization in comparison with other creators of web sites, the freedom also makes it easier to create designs that look bad or unprofessional, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, Wix allows you to return to earlier versions of your web site through the “History of the site”, and includes an integration robust with a wide range of third-party services, such as calendars and feeds from Instagram. In addition, the service allows you to separately customize the version of your site for mobile devices.

Take into account that Wix does not allow you to change the templates if you already started a project, and only offers 500 MB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth if you opt for the free package. Upgrades to more bandwidth and storage space including domain tools, ranging from $5 to $25 dollars per month.

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Squarespace gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. It is stylish, full of features, nice and cheap. Squarespace will cost you $12 dollars per month for the basic package, with rates that exceed the $40 dollars a month for your package of Commerce. The $12 a month will allow you to storage and unlimited bandwidth, but has a restriction of a maximum of 20 pages. It also has full integration of e-commerce and a certificate of safety SSL included.

The modern creator allows you to create a site compatible with HTML5 with a large focus on the trade, but it is also a great step when it comes to tools of analysis and their excellent ability to adapt to mobile devices. The buttons to add and edit the content align to the left side of the simple interface, as well as a button to get a quick preview of how you will see the content once we go live.

Integrating Squarespace with widgets of third parties is not as impressive as other creators of web sites, but the Platform Developer provides the competent users the ability to insert your own HTML coding, CSS, and JavaScript if they want to add more functions to your site.

The service also provides tutorials step-by-step to import pages from other sites in addition to forums and even workshops so that you are aware of almost all aspects of the site. You can’t customize the mobile experience, and the platform does not have the tools of advertising on the page, but there is a lot to say about his approach of non-intervention, and their immense capabilities for sale.

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