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So you can test the shoes futuristic Puma Fi before they go on sale

zapatos futuristas puma fi shoe
It is No surprise to hear of new innovations of technology in the world of tennis. Puma had spoken at the beginning of 2019 in their new athletic shoes “Fi”, whose laces you can tie it automatically to the style of the movie Back to The Future, (Back to the Future). Thereafter, the company has been working to adjust the final design of this shoe is futuristic, but the best thing of all is that, if you are interested in testing it before it is officially released, you can be involved in the process.

In effect, the technology Fi Puma (so-called because of his name in English Fit Intelligence), will not make his debut until next year, but to help usher in its latest innovation, the company’s sportswear is looking for volunteers to test the shoes, and provide feedback in the coming months. The aim of “to manufacture the best shoe possible” before its launch planned for the spring of 2020, with a price of $330 dollars.

The current version of Puma Fi account with a micromotor incorporated that, when combined with the application, controls the cords that tighten or loosen the shoe. You can also change the setting through an Apple Watch, or even by sliding your finger on a small touchpad that is at the top of the same shoe.

Shoes Fi have a “capacity for intelligent detection”, which learns the shape of your foot and adjusts the tension to create a perfect fit, although if that changes at any time, you can use the application to adjust it until you feel well. A pad loading allows the wireless charging of the shoe, and if you don’t bring it with you when you run out of power, you can simply change the battery.


There are some basic requirements to have an opportunity to participate. For a start, you must be 18 years or older and live in the united States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong or India. Also, you must provide a valid e-mail, and have a compatible smartphone with the app that controls the shoes. If that is your case, you can register on the web site of Puma or through your application Pumatrac, available both for Android as for iOS.

Puma does not mention how many volunteers are looking for, but if you are interested in helping to shape a pair of shoes of high technology to a global market and you live in one of the locations listed, simply fill out the form and cross your fingers.


The shoe Fi Puma follows the steps to the athletic shoes of $350 Nike HyperAdapt BB, which is presented by Nike as “The future of the game” in February of 2019. However, they had a difficult start, when several Android users have complained that an update of the application prevented the shoes are emparejaran with the app from Nike, which controls the adjustment mechanism of the footwear.

The Nike HyperAdapt were initially designed by Tinker Hatfield, the mastermind behind 15 different models of the iconic shoe Air Jordan. Several other creative minds joined in later at the computer, such as Tiffany, de Beers, innovative main of Nike, who also has worked diligently for more than a decade for the technology to adapt to the vision of Hatfield.

With that in mind, surely that Puma will be willing to make the most of your beta program, to ensure that your running shoes Fi to avoid a stumbling block similar.


These running shoes specially designed have technology automatic adaptive fit, driven by a motor that is located at the base of the shoe. As a person slides the foot inside the shoe, it triggers a sensor in the heel that makes you begin to gently tighten.

Once this occurs, other sensors allow adjustments smaller, to give the final adjustments and a personalized comfort, the pure style of Marty McFly in the movie. But unlike the film, both the HyperAdapt BB Nike as the new Fi Puma are built to work with your phone, watches or smart wearables fitness, through an application.

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