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So are the new Echo Buds: the wireless headset with Alexa

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So are the new Echo Buds: the wireless headset with Alexa

“The Echo’s Buds are wireless headphones, noise cancelling and come with the incorporation of Alexa.”

  • They are light and small
  • Offers noise cancellation
  • Works with Alexa with no problems
  • Has a case is too bulky
  • No offers Alexa in Spanish
  • The battery is not so durable

With so many devices that presented Amazon on your last event, it was difficult to focus on just one. However, I must admit that in addition to the Echo Studio and test the efficiency of Alexa multilingual, the more I was excited to try were the related technologies are wearable, as is the case of the hearing aids Echo Buds.

That’s why, at the end of the conference, I came out practically running to the room where were the new products, to try the new Echo Buds. Then, I tell you, how was my experience taking a few minutes the first wireless headphones from Amazon to Alexa.

They are lightweight, but with a big case

revision echo buds 20190925 132848 preview

My first impression when seeing them was “how big is the case”. The Echo’s Buds comes with a black case almost square quite bulky if compared with the small case in the that come the Galaxy Buds Samsung.

However, when you grab it with my hands, I was surprised how lightweight it was, with everything and headphones included. This is because this black box is made of a plastic material fairly lightweight, but at the same time resistant.

When you open the case you get the headphones, also black, which are magnetized with the case, but by taking them out with ease.

Physically, they are very similar to the Galaxy Buds Samsung. They are lightweight, comfortable, small in size and well delicate. Each hearing aid has a letter that stands for that ear corresponds to and is placed within the ear with the circle that protrudes upward.

The Echo’s Buds have the technology IPX-4, which ensures resistance to water and rain while you run, but that doesn’t mean that you can submerge in the beach or the pool. So remember quitártelos when you want to swim.

Superior Audio

This is the first time that Amazon ventures into the creation of headphones with Alexa and the truth has made everything great. In this opportunity, the wholesaler has teamed up with the renowned multimedia company, Bose to create headphones that feature noise-canceling technology, such as Bose has accustomed us.

In the time that I used the Echo’s Buds, I must admit that we note the intervention of Bose. The sound not only sounds very good quality, but, also, if you want (because you can customize it as you want) you can achieve not anything from the outside will bother you.

In the tests, was on the side of some 50 journalists who were talking, but when you have headphones on with music, not listened to them.

Another feature that struck me with respect to audio is if there is a person who has your phone (where the application is located) and wants to give you a message but you’re very focused with the music projected from your headphones, the can activate a microphone from your handset and speak directly to your hearing aids.

Alexa live in your ears

revision echo buds 20190925 133008 preview

But the great innovation of the Echo’s Buds with respect to other earphones on the market, is the ability it gives you to interact with Alexa.

In the time that I spent with the headphones, I asked Alexa to put out some songs, it would stop when I no longer wanted to listen to and even I asked him several questions about the climate, tastes, and even to know how he was, which he answered without any problems, despite the fact that there was a great noise outside.

The hearing aids come with two microphones, one on each side, which allows Alexa to hear us, when we ask a specific command.

However, like the other devices, tech wearable, the new Echo resinous Buds, with only Alexa in English, which means that you don’t speak Spanish, and unless it is multi-lingual. Something that honestly I would love to come very soon to all devices that have the Alexa and not only to the speakers Echo new.

Battery and load

Amazon ensures that the Echo’s Buds are able to withstand up to five continuous hours of battery listening to music and four if you’re taking phone calls. Also, your carrying case provides three loads extra if you need it and you don’t have a place close to load.

In the test carried out, I used for a very short period, however, they had more than three hours you’re still using the same headphones other journalists and I had not yet made missing the first load.

We will have to use them for a longer time, to confirm its effectiveness and battery life.

Price and availability

The new Echo Buds will be available in the market from October 30, and have a value of $129.99 dollars. Worth bed that these headphones are not only compatible with the wizard to Alexa, but also with Siri and Google Assistant.

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