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Show you the best cases for Galaxy S10 Plus

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The range of Samsung Galaxy S10 has been revealed, and each device offers a new and beautiful design, screens Infinity-Or with integrated camera and powerful new processor Snapdragon 855 in its interior. The Galaxy S10 Plus has an AMOLED screen dynamic of 6.4 inches, three camera lenses in the rear and two lenses for selfies. It is a beautiful beast and powerful, but it’s also a great investment, and with prices that start from $1,000, you’ll want to keep it protected. A protective case can keep your mobile free from scratches, as well as protect you from falls that could prove fatal. Here’s a selection of the best cases for Galaxy S10 Plus.


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Incipio argues that the DualPro is the first double-layer slipcover in the market and give you the credit for it. The DualPro is covered with a hard shell polycarbonate plastic that is resistant to scratches placed on a core of TPU soft and cushion that surrounds your device and keeps it safe from impacts and sudden. Incipio claims that the DualPro drop-resistant up to 3 meters and offers protection military-grade. In the aesthetic there is not much to tell, and if what really matters is the appearance, this may not be your case. With everything, comes in a wide range of colors, including pink and a more red, and offers protection against falling is very high. Definitely, it is a good investment.



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Why not buy the holster from the same manufacturer as the mobile? Samsung has always offered a great variety of covers for their phones, and the Galaxy S10 Plus is not an exception. The cover official Samsung LED View offers a total protection, thanks to its design wallet, which completely covers the device when not in use. If you open the front cover of the wallet is turned on the mobile screen and if you close it, the screen is automatically locked. There is space for a credit card in the inside cover, and, best of all is that you can see notifications and the time without opening the lid. It is expensive, as is the custom in the official accessories, but it provides total protection and adds a useful feature for people who are moving more.



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The established not only serves to protect: they can be very useful also. In this sense, the main advantage of the sleeve Wingman is in the back with a small flap that pops up to operate as a support horizontal or vertical; this flap serves to grip handle or even to engage him as a support of ventilation in the car. If all this were not enough, offers a protection very dignified: it is made of TPU that absorbs shocks, withstands falls of up to nearly 2 meters, and it uses the technology EXO-D Impact to help further protect your phone. It is expensive, but offers many functions in one.



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The S10 Plus a telephone is beautiful, but if you want to print your device with a different style, and personal cases from Velvet Caviar are an excellent option. This sleeve Nude Vintage Velvet Caviar has a simple design and uses TPU absorbs impacts, offering a good protection against bumps, drops and scratches. Account with specific protection for the corners and also to the optics. But where it really excels is in its design of flowers vintage which you can see in the picture; the manufacturer claims that the colour does not lose intensity over time and resists also the appearance of cracks.



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The covers of the portfolio are great to offer stylish protection to the phone and this is exactly what you get this case from Olixar. It is made of a PU leather tough and durable, and thanks to the wraparound design, it is able to protect the whole body of the device. The front cover is folded toward the rear of the mobile during the use, and even can be folded as a stand for watching videos or making video calls. Best of all is that it comes with a handy mirror on the inside cover, which makes it perfect for anyone who need to check your look while you are away from home.


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