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Samsung Galaxy S11 might have 108 Mpx and compatibility 5G

The rumors around the next Samsung devices do not cease. A report published by Bloomberg reveals some interesting aspects, highlighting among them a chamber 108 megapixel (Mpx) with an ultra wide angle and a telephoto that will be able to offer a zoom of 5x. Also, a sensor time of flight, this component that we find in each and more phones (the Galaxy Note 10 already includes it) that allows the device to calculate with greater precision the depth behind the person in front of the camera, to get the best portraits. This component is useful for augmented reality features.

Not only that: it also speaks of the next flip phone from Samsung (which could look more like the Razr from Motorola that the Galaxy Fold) will have a photographic equipment that is similar and could be announced at the same time, or almost, that the family Galaxy S11 in February 2020.

The report from Bloomberg, which ensures that the arsenal photo of the new device could be the proposal with the that Samsung plans to compete with the iPhone 11, does no more than corroborate the speculations that we have been listening a long time ago.

It is not known if the Galaxy S11 will have a sensor similar to that of My Note 10 of Xiaomi, which had already announced, in August, a camera phone 108 Mpx. What is a fact is that the devices flagship Samsung Galaxy had used the same sensor 12 Mpx from 2016, so this step will be a major improvement for the company. It is also expected that the new phone is able to produce videos in 8K, and that in its interior include the new processor Snapdragon 865 of Qualcomm, in some regions. In others, it would have the Exynos 990 Samsung. In addition, it is possible to equip a battery that is superior and, in some variations, the support of networks 5G.

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