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Review tv Hisense U7B 65-inch

hisense tv u7b

Review tv Hisense U7B 65 inches

“We are left with its ultra-thin design and decent picture quality. We want to forget his relationship with Alexa.”

  • Attractive design
  • Good picture quality with HD content and 4K
  • Control or a control with buttons to direct to streaming
  • Image of less quality in channels that are not broadcast in HD
  • Linking with Alexa can be complicated

Although the 8K progresses as a claim in the media, the reality is that the 4K still has a long way to go: the contents with this resolution are not yet widespread, despite the fact that the offer of tvs with this technology has already moved to the previous (Full HD). Also impose the tvs with larger sizes and compatible with the attendees of voice of most popular of Amazon and Google. This profile responds to the model Hisense U7B of 65 inches, with technology ULED and that falls within the average range.

A thickness of smartphone

hisense tv u7b
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

If you are looking for a smart TV great for putting it in the living room, Hisense 65U7B stands out for its frameless design and a thickness very thin 7.90 mm (or 0.3 inches). With these measures of a runway model and a base (fixed) metal looks very elegant (easily mounts with four screws). Its back part is also taken care of by the top of silver. In the lower zone, of dark grey plastic, you will find all the inputs and connections (including four HDMI and two USB). It is also possible to hang it on the wall but you will need to purchase the proper support.

Image, it is almost always correct

hisense tv u7b
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (Ultra HD), and scale of content 2K to almost 4K, you can expect clear images, with vivid colors and a good contrast. So is seeing a series of services of streaming and on YouTube. In the stations, conventional, the quality of the low image slightly if these do not emit in HD and it looks a little fuzzy, especially if you’re very close to the screen. In your favor: format is supported by the Dolby Vision HDR. Sound is also well endowed with its compatibility with Dolby Atmos.

Direct access to your favorite series

The control or remote control of the tv also looks quality. It is narrow and has a size and a weight is very manageable. Their buttons are not flat, but slightly raised to facilitate the push (and succeed). Apart from direct access buttons to the application menu and the list of channels, it carries four buttons to enter directly to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV and YouTube, and they work very well. However, the control sometimes has not responded to our request, for example, to choose our profile on Netflix (twice we have left the tv hanging and has been completely off, but then we restarted and everything has gone well).

hisense tv u7b
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

As a smart tv comes with apps and comes well served: Netflix, Prime Video, Rakuten TV, YouTube, mitele, DAZN, A la carte rtve Clan rtve, YouTube, Kids, Netflix, As TV, AccuWeather and AppsNOW, among others.

For the configuration of some functions, such as linking to Alexa, you’ll need to follow the indications that you give the tele, as in the paper manual doesn’t come or how to access them from the tv or how to configure them once you have accessed through the Settings menu.

Your cell, a control

If you want a second remote control, the app RemoteNow turn your phone into one with greater scope than the tele. Is an application with a simple design, clear and easy to use. Allows you to turn on and turn off the tv (even from another room of the house), adjust the volume, change the channel, control the playback on the platforms of streaming and viewing photos and videos saved in your phone with a size of 65 inches.

Connect with Alexa

hisense tv u7b
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

This tv is compatible with the wizard of Amazon, Alexa. To configure it, grosso mode, you must first create an account on the web VIDAA and then enable it through Settings and a code that tells the tv. In our tests, we initiated this process in the cell, but we always gave error. We were able to complete the link with an Amazon Echo Studio after creating the account with the PC, in a process that took us more time and energy than desirable. Finally, we were able to ask Alexa to turn on and turn off the tv, change the channel and adjust the volume, and executed it diligently.

hisense tv u7b
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends


The tv is equipped with a technology able to provide a decent picture quality, as we have proven to view streamed content in HD and 4K. Our experience with the DTT channels that are not broadcast in HD has not been fully satisfactory in terms of image quality, but we could live without these channels. If you too, then it might be the tv you are looking for. However, if you want to link with the voice assistant Alexa, keep in mind that time does not allow you to configure it if you go through with the cell, as has happened to us in our analysis. But finally we made it, we enter in a loop exhausting that tarnished our experience with the tv.

While the app as a remote control has proven to be effective in its mission, the software of the tv has been hung once. The interface TO LIFE, sometimes, we have been complicated more desirable on a tv with a official price official 1,199 euros ($ratio 1.333 dollars). The good thing is that, with a simple search in Google, you will see that there are offers succulent with which it is possible to purchase it at less than 700 euros. All the manufacturers have in their catalog, with models of 65 inches, so the alternatives in this size are numerous, some with a much lower price than the official Hisense 65U7B (for example, Philips 65PUS6554) and other much more expensive (Panasonic OLED TX-65GZ950).

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