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Ape Out is a rebellion music not tired.

It is tempting to compare the Ape Out, the new video game Gabe Cuzzillo, with Hotline Miami. Both titles were published by Return Digital. The two have a top-down perspective. And there is no doubt that they are synonymous with violence pure. But there’s a particular charm in Ape Out that is not at all apparent until one fits the headphones and it gets to play. And once that happens, it is very difficult to detach from the chair.

As its name indicates, it is about a gorilla that escapes from the confinement of his cell. Thus begins the story, showing us a short tutorial that puts us squarely in the action. We can move in any direction, attack, and grab objects or people. Part of a simple, but gradually becomes something special.

The first thing that we noticed in our way are dozens of guards are surprised by our escape, trying to stop with assault rifles or explosives. When you hit them, being so much the strength of the primate, it creates a mechanical in the that the unfortunate in knowing our fists flying within a particular distance. This can lead to finish off the strongest enemies by making them get close to an explosion, or the nearest wall.

Grab is also useful as it automatically the enemies will go on to become human shields, being able to both defend against shots as to hurt their peers if we calculate the right time to do so. These small dynamics arise almost naturally in the Ape Out, and it’s about doing the most that can be in situations of risk.

While this is a gorilla, it can be very easy to lose, which leads to that every fight becomes a puzzle. What I attempt to launch an enemy weak to one with a shield for it out of my way? Do I risk to be fired closer to the enemy fort to have a greater advantage over the rest? Or do you simply begin to attack left and right waiting for the best result?

Ape Out is frenetic in every sense

There are many situations that arise in a matter of seconds. This is a video game that is frenzied in every sense, demanding reactions and quick some reflexes which will appear with the trial-and-error. In Ape Out there is a life bar, or interface, that you tell us whenever we are weak, but we started to notice some spots of blood of a light color on the part of the animal, in addition to see some effects on-screen reference. However, this is not the only thing that is tied to the visual aspect.

I remember the first time that showed the title last year, with a trailer pretty short but they explained what is necessary without saying a single word. And what most caught my attention in the first place was the art style that was chosen for the experience.

It is located at an intermediate point between a cave painting and something produced in pincelazos almost uniform.

It is located at an intermediate point between a cave painting and something produced in pincelazos almost uniform, but that accompany a style guide invisible to the player. The gorilla presents a vivid orange, while your blood has a tone more diluted which leads him to seem pink. The enemies have a white tone, but their weapons and the kind of clothing they carry (representing how difficult they are to kill) always stand out.

However, there are moments where everything changes. During the first level, when we opened one of the first doors, an alarm is activated to alert a number of soldiers begin to surround ourselves with departing from the elevators. There the tone of the game becomes all red, with the lights of the alarm by illuminating the scenarios as we try to survive. And in another instance we can see a little of the city outward, passing by a bridge between buildings.

The dynamic music follow each and every step and bump that we

It is a visual spectacle. Without a doubt, is the most original thing I’ve seen in a long time, almost even imitating a television program on the former with their filters with noise and use of colors. But what’s most impressive is that Ape Out does not stop there only. (Sound and music go hand in hand perfectly with all the elements of the game, and are presented in a very particular way.

Drums, thunder sticks. The music evokes the jazz, of the kind that the members of the band played without ceasing for minutes hitting each time stronger, but always keeping harmony. In Ape Out, besides being present, is also tied to what we do in the game. This is dynamic music, following each step and every hit that we give all that we are crossing the road.

The more we advance and situations in the environment, the more will be present. And if, for example, we begin to create a spate of deaths, the music will become even more intense for a few seconds. This creates chains of melodies that may sound outrageous, but accompany them to the perfection what happens on the screen. In the end, it is a violent game, but that seems to take influences from systems rhythmic to enhance the experience to another level.

(Sound and music go hand in hand perfectly with all the elements of the game.

It is as well as it ends up highlighting the rest. We have already seen the dynamic systems around music in the past, such as in Devil May Cry 5, adding instruments, voices, or turning up the volume of the song in the background depending on how well we are doing in combat. But to see it in an experience that is as compact and with as much style creates a different effect, unique.

Hotline Miami may have a frenetismo similar with a soundtrack that has never left my mind, but it’s only a companion. Here integrates next to all the rest. Leads us to act in a more swift and violent to be able to try to squeeze out of this system even more, experiencing how it works. We paint the scenarios with the blood of enemies, the product of a revenge by confining the animal in a cage.

revision ape out 9

It feels like a rebellion in motion, and if that is what Gabe Cuzzillo I wanted to achieve from the beginning, then what has been achieved and surpassed. The only thing that I hated of the game was watching the credits almost prematurely, going just two hours from the beginning to the end. But it is an experience that is as experimental and unique in itself that appreciates that has not spread to your visit.

Ape Out is frenetismo, rhythm and beats together in a single place. And I can’t wait to re-live the experience again.

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