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Review of the robot window cleaner Winbot X Ecovacs

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Review of the robot window cleaner Winbot X-Ecovacs

  • Cleaning decent
  • Easy handling
  • Without cable
  • Control with remote control
  • The crystals are not pristine
  • Price

Keep the windows bright and clear is more important than what we think, because dirt and dust can limit the amount of light that enters the house. But cleaning windows is not an easy task. Yes, tools like squeegees help to leave them gleaming with less effort than by hand, but did not get rid of the risk of falling down to the street to clean them out. If you want to clean them yourself with ease and without danger, we propose to use a robot cleaner. We have tested the stand-alone model Winbot X, Ecovacs, and we have been pleasantly surprised, although it is not suitable for all pockets.

With vacuum-assisted security and remote control

The base of the Winbot X has a square design to reach corners, which integrate a sensor and rollers that allow movement. At the bottom, what is the robot below, you will find the powerful fan that will be attached to the crystal, the power button on and off, as well as the pad cleaner with a square shape. This latter adheres to and follows easily by using a few strips of velcro.

In the upper part, the robot incorporates a handle to handle it, and in it there is the button start/pause. There you’ll also see the indicator light on the state of support of safety and port to connect to the security support.

Ecovacs para ventanas
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

The security support is a circular piece (with a extensible cable of 2.5 meter) that works like a powerful suction cup. The cord serves to tie the robot as if it were a leash, and the robot dog, and is stretched or retracts according to the movement of the Winbot X. In the case that the robot will detach from the glass, this retractable cable has a cap (similar to the seat belts of the automobile) that prevents the machine from impact on the ground. In our tests, the robot has not detached ever from the window, so we have not been able to verify the effectiveness of this safety cable.

With a weight of 1.8 kilograms and the handle, Winbot X is handy and light when you catch it to get it to work from one window to another. You’ll have No trouble moving it from one glass to another (and the suction pad grips easily).

In the box also includes a mains adapter for charging, a remote control, four pads cleansing spare, a cleaning solution, a cloth special for windows, an instruction manual and a quick start guide.

Simple operation

To start cleaning, after being loaded, you must turn the cable bracket safety circular to the Winbot X (something very simple). Then, turn on the robot using the button at the bottom. Before you stick the suction cup to the glass it is necessary to clean the area with a cloth so that it is well fixed. After, turn on (with a button on the bottom) the support of security (works with batteries) and what you press with force against the glass. The suction cup, at the moment it is stuck, and then you can pose the robot on the glass to adhere literally through a powerful suction fan. When it works it makes a noticeable noise, but it is bearable.

The cleaning solution is contained is applied on the pad with a sprayer. As indicated by the manufacturer, you have to be careful not to take too much for the robot do not slip, and, above all, clean the bottom of the Winbot X after you throw him out to dry the remains of the liquid. During our analysis, once we have forgotten to dry the area, which are the rubber treads and this made him slip and prevented him from travelling to clean window.

In the automatic mode, Winbot X moves independently in crystals with two movement patterns, in the shape of the letter N or Z (you choose which one of them automatically, according to the shape of the window). There is also the possibility to activate a cleaning mode to the background in which it performs two passes, one in N and one in Z. With the remote control, you can control the robot to clean where you want it.

How clean are the windows?

The robot limpiaventanas Winbot X moves with speed, although you will always have to be aware of him for that, when you finish cleaning a glass, you can pass it to the other side of the window. So it’s not like a robot vacuum cleaner that you forget about him, but you will need to spend time to accompany you in the cleaning.

In the automatic mode, the cleaning is quite acceptable, it drags without any problems the dust that accumulates on the crystals out. In our tests, in general, has eliminated the stains of fingerprints, though not always. In these cases, we have chosen to control it with the remote to have an impact in those spots and have removed quite a bit, but some not at all.

Despite the fact that it deletes it without problems, the dirt, the glass remains as a trace of white, very subtle but noticeable. For it to disappear, nothing more to finish cleaning up the robot, you pass a dry cloth special for windows and is easily removed. Even so, don’t expect a flawless result. We conducted this review with a few crystals without excessive dirt, and the windows have been better than they were but not pristine.

Autonomy, and some safety precautions

In our tests, the robot has cleaned a glass 65 x 1.95 cm in about 4 minutes. Ecovacs says that offers a range of up to 50 minutes. To us have not given us for so long, we lasted around 38 minutes in the automatic mode, and cleaning a glass more thoroughly with the remote control. So if you turn the mode deep cleaning, clean less crystals but more deeply.

Ecovacs para ventanas
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

For use with security, Ecovacs gives a few guidelines before you use:

  • Adhere the holder of security (the suction cup) to a height of not less than 1.6 metres (5.2 inches) from the ground.
  • Do not use the robot to clean your windows with a frame, of a width of less than 5 mm (0.2 inches).

It is important to keep the suction cup clean because otherwise, the robot will start beeping and will not work, as we have proven. Is the only problem that we had when we would try, and it was easy to fix it with a dry cloth.


Winbot X works with security, not come off the glass thanks to a powerful suction and following all the instructions of the manufacturer. Moves fast, especially on straight lines and, in general, does not leave areas without cleaning up. Although it may be a trace of whitish, if it is clean at the time with a dry cloth special for glass, this is easily removed. So in a way, one way or another, tap to clean it manually, even if only minimally.

Is it worth buying? Depending on your level of requirement for window cleaning: if you want to see it gleaming and perfect, you’ll have to review them by hand. If you settle with an acceptable level, then it is for you, provided you can afford to pay 449 euros, or $449 dollars. If you are one of those that clean the glass two times a year, with the Winbot X you can keep them clean throughout the year spending time but without any effort or risk. Though you will have to be aware of the robot when it is operating.

We have not carried out tests with other robots glass cleaner on the market, but this model is the only one that is sold in the Spanish market that works without cable and maybe that’s why it is one of the most expensive.

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