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Review of robot vacuum cleaner friegasuelos Roborock S6 Pure

revision roborock s6 pure opinion caracteristicas precio

Review of robot vacuum cleaner friegasuelos Roborock S6 Pure

“Minimal differences with the previous model, the Roborock S6, at a lower price, although it is not the most affordable.”

  • Mapping and navigation
  • Autonomy to spare
  • Cleaning areas and rooms
  • App simple
  • Scrubbing or mopping surface
  • Silent mode
  • Charging time 6 hours

The success of robot vacuum cleaners has led to stores selling a multitude of models, of all prices and tastes. The most complete enable the function of friegasuelos, as the latest model of Roborock, called S6 Pure. Specializing in this type of appliances, this firm also manufactures models for Xiaomi, which is one of its investors. S6 Pure competes with the same software or design than its predecessor (S6) with a cheaper price.

Circular design with hat

Roborock S6 Pure looks like most of the robot vacuums in the circular shape. Manufactured in plastic matt white, the device measures height 7.5 cm (2.9 inches), and its perimeter is 35 cm (13.7 inches). At the top incorporates a small overhang also round. In this hat, with a height of 2 cm (0.7 inches), some sensors, and you must keep in mind that to excel, even a little, you can prevent the robot to clean under tables (or other furniture), as happened to us in our tests.

roborock s6 pure
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

In the upper part of the robot you will only see two buttons, the on / off switch and the return to the charging station. The lower half opens to insert and remove the deposit of dust, and there are also the indicator light on the wifi, the button of reset of the system, and a space to host a small brush with which to clean the air filter of the tank.

Below, in addition to sensors and wheels, it incorporates the brushes, one of them on the right side in the shape of a cross. In this part that is in contact with the ground is coupled to the tank water (180 ml) to scrub the floor. This vessel is very thin. Putting it on and removing it is extremely easy to use.

roborock s6 pure filtro aire
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

The deposit of dust is not too large, 460 ml, this is 20 ml less than its predecessor S6, but is more than enough if you use the Roborock S6 Pure on alternate days. This deposit is removed with the ease of the robot. Open well for disposal of the dust in the dustbin, but we’ve seen other more comfortable. To clean the air filter is not enough to give it a few taps, you need the help of the brush included to clear it completely, and if you want you can wash it with water to remove remains of dust.

Function friegasuelos (trapeo)

For the cleaning of scoured soil is adapted to the tank of water, a cloth (with the same shape that this half-moon). Is inserted through a slot and then attaches to the tank with velcro. Is good subject. It is possible to regulate the output of water (high or low) with a physical button in the deposit. In the position of greater input of water, the robot scrubs the better the soil with the other, but not get to make enough pressure to get rid of stains from the floor. Sorry, but to remove them you’ll have to resort to the mop or mop. Unfortunately, this also happens with other robots and with function of friegasuelos of the market (among them, Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920), it is not something specific of this model of Roborock.

To protect the floor from moisture just as you recharge, in the case includes a pad of transparent plastic that is fixed to the floor by means of adhesives. This is intended for when the robot returns to the charging station after you finish washing up and you are not at home to be able to take it off.

Multiple cleaning options

Roborock S6 Pure maps all the custom house that runs through it and has a navigation system very precise laser. It starts cleaning the perimeter of the room, and then scans the rest of the space in zigzag without being nothing without vacuuming. All the movements can be seen in real time on a map from the app Roborock. The robot is very versatile, as it allows you to select various modes of cleaning from the application. You can choose, via the map, to clean in a certain room, create an area so that only clean there and even tell a point of cleaning particular to go with just pointing on the map. Also join, for example, two rooms for just aspire there. And, of course, it is possible to delimit areas with walls, virtual for do not clean them, as well as schedule days and times.

roborock s6 pure
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends

Offers four cleaning modes: balanced, which comes by default, turbo, maximum, and silent. This last does not do honour to his name, because what you change and the noise is the same as that in the balanced mode. It also has a mode carpet: when it passes over one, it increases the power of sucked. Unlike the other models that jam always with the folders fine, this robot addresses better than others we have tested.

When you activate the do not disturb mode (DND), the robot comes to a standstill, that is to say, does not clean even though you’ve programmed to do this. Nor speak, nor be illuminated for the predetermined period of time in the app (from 22.00 to 8.00) or chosen by the user.

A app simple

All of the cleaning is controlled from the app on the remote in a simple way. While you breathe you can see in real time the area is vacuumed, the minutes used and the charge percentage of the battery. Once completed, this information is retained in the history. From here, you can schedule the time, see the maintenance guidelines, choose the name of the robot and the language of your voice, among other settings.


In our tests, Roborock S6 Pure has sucked an area of 77 square metres in 80 minutes, in the balanced option, and the battery has fallen to 68 percent of their capacity. We always have more than enough autonomy even when it has cleaned the larger area (101 square metres). The autonomy given by the manufacturer is 150 minutes (recommended by the robot to the surfaces of 250 square feet). The charging time is 6 hours indicates Roborock, so if you don’t give time to clean the entire house at once, then you might have to go back out and it can be a problem depending on your schedule and habits.


In the function of a vacuum cleaner, S6, Pure will not disappoint, for its effective navigation system laser, the mapping and its power sucked, though don’t expect a deep cleaning in the function of scrubbing or mopping. For houses of 250 meters, their autonomy should be sufficient to complete the cleaning with a single charge. The deposit of dust is not the greatest, and still has not course a problem using the robot vacuum cleaner at least three days a week. Less than those three times, and if the degree of dirt is high, you’d have to pause and empty it in full fatigues, which also does not involve any problem if you’re at home.

With all the cleaning options, their navigation accuracy and the power, its official price of 499 euros ($540 usd) seems to us just for their performance, although it is not suitable for all pockets. If you’re not looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that will also scrub, there are plenty of cheaper options, although may not be as complete or powerful.

With the function of friegasuelos and an official price is similar, the alternatives that could encajarte are the models Conga 2290 Panoramic of Cecotec, Deebot Ozmo 920 Ecovacs, Explorer 20 Series of Rowenta and Netbot Laser LS23 of Ikohs.

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