Review of laptop HP Elite Dragonfly

Computadora portátil HP Elite Dragonfly siendo usada en exteriores

Review of laptop HP Elite Dragonfly

“The HP Elite Dragonfly is a computer-compact and lightweight, and with an optimal performance in virtually all kinds of tasks. It also draws attention to the quality of your screen, mostly with the brightness it offers, so it’s comfortable to work on it during long days.”

  • Design durable and stylish
  • Good performance in all kinds of tasks
  • Long battery life
  • Keyboard comfortable and silent
  • Screen with a good brightness level
  • High price
  • Base storage of 256 GB

The laptop computer has become a gadget basic, especially because it is still a great ally to solve multiple tasks at any place that has an internet connection or it is just convenient to write (in several cases, the cell acts as the access point to the network).

So, to make the experience of productivity as pleasant as possible, it becomes fundamental to find a team that is practical and that respond to the various demands that you have. The test for a few days the HP Elite Dragonfly, without a doubt, I place in this category.

The HP ProBook 440 G5 has been a laptop that I have used for the last year, at least for productivity tasks that involve the deployment of multimedia content and the use of tools in the cloud, from one that served to draw up documents to those that are used to store files online. Since this a computer is 14 inches, I thought that it would be difficult to quickly integrate the compact Elite Dragonfly, with display Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) 13.3-inch, as my laptop working all day, but the reality was another.

HP Dragonfly
Luis Miguel Walls/Digital Trends

This new 2-in-1, despite being more compact, allows you to perform various productivity tasks in a comfortable way, which contributes to your keyboard, that almost goes from end to end and is backlit (below this, there is a touchpad that responds quickly to the different actions accurately).

In what refers to the display protected by Gorilla Glass 5, covers 86 per cent, so that the bezels are reduced, however, the most surprising thing is the brightness that it offers (from 400 nits), so that you can work in any type of lighting without complications.

Just to put a reference, the HP ProBook 440 G5, my computer all day, yes demand to be constantly rotating your screen, especially in bright light, to find a good viewing angle.

Also, to play media content of all kinds, the Elite Dragonfly leaves more than satisfied. In series and movies from Netflix, deployed images with a good level of contrast, while subtitles are read properly (that’s not counting the stereo sound from Bang & Olufsen). In photographs, there is a significant variation in color with respect to the original image.

Flexible design and durable

To be a 2-in-1, the HP Elite Dragonfly can be used in mode tablet; that does not mean that you detach your keyboard, rather, the back of the screen, you can touch the base of the computer. For some, entering this mode can be a bit annoying, as it is like trying to fold a newspaper or a magazine, for example gross, on the opposite side of its original design.

Computadora portátil HP Elite Dragonfly siendo usada como tableta
Luis Miguel Walls/Digital Trends

Especially in this form, is when it makes sense, the HP Active Pen Gen 3: allows from run various applications to draw directly on the display in a more simple way. This digital pen that communicates with the computer via Bluetooth and is rechargeable, it gives you a precise response and quick, so that will be a useful tool for those who like to take notes on the screen of an electronic.

In most of its design, HP ensures that this is the first notebook in the world that is manufactured with recycled plastic, taken out of the ocean. Specifically, we have used this material for some components in the interior. On the outside, the computer looks solid, however, it is very light (weighs around 1 kilogram); the company indicates that it is made with magnesium CNC for durability.

With respect to the connection with other computers, integrates from a USB port to an HDMI input, through USB connectors Type a Type C, and Thunderbolt, and physical input for headphones. The front-facing camera, interestingly, incorporates a cover, which can be closed for those users who are concerned about their privacy.

Detalle de las entradas y puertos de la computadora portátil HP Elite Dragonfly
Luis Miguel Walls/Digital Trends

In respect of elements that do not usually come in other laptops of its kind, highlights the fingerprint sensor located below the keyboard, on the right side, for faster access and safe, and the slot for nano SIM card, with which you can even use the phone for the cases in which there is provided a local wireless network.


The HP Elite Dragonfly does not leave standing to the user, as is its interior, which comes with the processor Intel Core i5 vPro eighth generation, designed more to meet the needs of a public business, as well as a RAM of 8 GB. In terms of operating system, this Windows 10 Pro.

Of course, you can configure a more advanced option, however, with these input elements, do not have problems to run productivity applications and entertainment.

Computadora portátil HP Elite Dragonfly siendo usada en exteriores
Luis Miguel Walls/Digital Trends

And to back up files, the base storage is 256 GB, which itself could be insufficient for those who need to save images and videos on a constant basis.

Compatible with Wifi 6, the computer can offers battery performance of up to 24 hours. Yes, the time can vary considerably, depending on the level of brightness that you have active and the type of programs that are running, however, in the tests carried out for this review, it is possible to say that the computer itself makes the user forget to plug in the power constantly.

In general, the performance that gives the HP Elite Dragonfly is optimal, ideal for people who are looking for a laptop that gives the perfect balance between productivity and entertainment.


Despite the fact that the HP Elite Dragonfly is aimed at a professional audience, any type of user could feel comfortable with it, especially for its prominent features, such as screen, performance and portability.

Computadora portátil HP Elite Dragonfly siendo usada en exteriores
Luis Miguel Walls/Digital Trends

Load 1 kg in the backpack or in briefcase will not be a nuisance, mainly because you will have a laptop ready to connect in any space, even with the nano SIM card of the cell, and for a full working day without the worry of find a power outlet. His tone intense blue does not go unnoticed and is intended for both men and women.

Yes, this is not a laptop cheap, since the price can start at around $1,500 dollars (in Mexico, part in the $28,500 pesos), which makes it not a viable option, in terms econonómicos for the bulk of users.

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