Reasons to use a voltage regulator

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Horror story: they are working in a document, or enjoying a video, or performing any other activity in front of the screen, and, suddenly, you experience a power cut or a voltage variation that causes the computer to shut down. In the best of scenarios, what remains is to turn it on again with the hope that they will have saved the latest developments.

In this situation, so everyday is when it becomes important to have a voltage regulator, which seeks to provide an electric current-stable devices and downloads unexpected you do not damage the same. So, here are a few reasons to consider purchasing one of these products.

Protect your devices

According to Koblenz, the voltage variations degrade “slowly” the circuits of the gadgets, which can cause damage and to stop working. The relevance of a current regulator is precisely to protect them against the high and low voltages.

The good news is that you can set a security level of this type for virtually any device connectable or plug-in, plus you don’t necessarily need to invest in several controllers: these include various contacts and even telephone line protection against atmospheric discharges.

Another of its important features is its automatic shutdown. If the voltage leaves the acceptable range for the good operation of the equipment, the regulator is disconnected; once they return to normal levels, it automatically connects.

For those looking for something more specific, like providing coverage to your refrigerator or home entertainment system, from a screen to an audio system, there are regulatory directed specifically to certain products.

Offer for all

This article talks about with special emphasis on the current regulators, however, in the same product category it is possible to find from no breaks to suppressors.

The main difference between no break and a regulator is that the former offers nearly the same advantages as the second and added a backup battery to continue working for a certain time in case of a power cut. In this sense, the non-breaks are essential for those working behind a computer, for example.

With regard to suppressors (several not break , and regulators also incorporate connectors with surge suppression), they seem simple multicontactos, however, have as main function to absorb the excess energy so that the connected devices are not damaged. There are even some models of suppressors that are specifically aimed to protect the cell.

What is for me?

In addition to the budget that you have, everything will depend on the items you want to take care of in terms of energy. A voltage regulator is more directed to protecting products from the living room of the house and the kitchen, such as screens, sound systems, modems, game consoles, and refrigerators.

la mejor resolución para un televisor

As a non-break is ideal for your home or office is kept turned on for a given time in the event of a power outage. The suppressor, being cheaper, can be distributed around the home to protect from speakers laptops to smartphones.

Is not more…

Buy a electronic article, generally, means to make a significant expenditure of money, so that in addition to take care of themselves with accessories, it is worth considering a protection when connected to the electric current. In this way, it is not allocating a budget to a regulator, suppressor or no break, depending on what you want to protect.

Each product line has different characteristics, but what you do need to check is that the equipment is manufactured by a brand that has a good reputation and experience in the segment, as well as reviews of customers who have already been able to use it.

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