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Pixel phones will incorporate a new monitoring tool

For some time now, smartphones have also become a useful tool for closely monitoring the functioning of our body.

Along these lines, Google has announced that it will incorporate heart rate and respiratory monitors to the Google Fit application on Pixel phones this month, a function that should also be available on other Android devices soon.

The image shows the new Google Fit function to measure heart and respiratory rates. Google.

How will it work?

These two features will work through the smartphone camera; they would measure respiratory rate by tracking the rise and fall of a user's chest as they take in air, and heart rate by following the color change as blood moves through the fingertip.

To measure the respiratory rate, that is, the number of breaths per minute, the user must aim at the head and chest with the front camera of the phone.


Meanwhile, to assess the heart rate, it is necessary to put your finger on the rear camera.

The company has also explained that these functions will be available only so that the user can monitor general well-being, and should not be used to diagnose diseases.

The idea behind this launch is to make available to a greater number of users some useful functions that we had previously seen only on wearable devices.

“A lot of people, especially in the underprivileged economic classes right now, don't have things like wearables , but they would still really benefit from the ability to be able to track their breathing rate, their heart rate, and so on,” explained Jack Po, product manager. from Google Health.

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