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Pentagon to investigate ufos seen by military

A new working group to investigate unidentified flying objects (ufos) logged by military aircraft has created the Department of Defense of the united States.

As reported by CNN, will be the undersecretary David Norquist who oversees the nascent instance, which would be announced officially “in coming days”.

The Pentagon had since 2007 with a similar program supported by the then republican senator for Nevada Harry Reid, but was dismissed five years later because of lack of budget.

The previous efforts to investigate this type of phenomenon were led by the Army of the united States, given that many of the encounters documented involving its aircraft.

“Members of Congress and Pentagon officials have expressed for a long time its concern for the appearance of aircraft unidentified flying over u.s. military bases, which represents a risk to aircraft”, proposed version.

About its origin, there is no consensus. Some believe they are extraterrestrial, but many others raise the possibility that they are drones, spies that seek only so much that many believe they are drones, spies seeking sensitive information.

After the official publication of three short that it showed the interaction of american aeroplanes with ufos, the Senate Intelligence Committee, requested the Pentagon and the intelligence system a analysis public.

The president of the instance, Marco Rubio, has analyzed that “we have stuff flying over our military bases and places where we carry out military exercises, and we don’t know what is and is not ours, so that is a legitimate question”.

“Frankly, it would be better that was from another planet, that of the chinese, the russians or any other enemy,” admitted the republican senator to the news station in Miami, WFOR-TV.

CNN recalled that in may of 2020 obtained reports from the Security Center of the Army that detailed the meetings between their aircraft and “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

“The unfamiliar aircraft seemed to be of dimensions small, about the size of a suitcase, and silver,” said one of the documents about an incident that happened in march of 2014.

“The reports describe the observed phenomena as ‘unmanned aerial systems (UAS)’, the official terminology of the Pentagon for unmanned aircraft”, added the chain.

The videos were originally released between December 2017 and march 2018 for To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a non-governmental body dedicated to studying the ufo phenomenon.

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