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Other surprising uses for the dishwasher that maybe you don’t know

With a name like dishwashers, surely you will believe to know what the computer does, but you’ll be surprised to know how much he is able to make your dishwasher beyond to clean up all the dishes. With the correct settings, a dishwasher can be converted in the cleaning device definitive for any type of items for the home. Here are some of the other uses of the dishwasher.

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Sponges and the remains

Your cleaning supplies will surely get dirty over time, and when this happens… what are you supposed to do? You can give them a thorough cleaning by placing them in your dishwasher. Place them in the basket of silverware to ensure they are subjects in a place and employs the program of higher temperature to eliminate all germs.

Cleaning accessories

The tubes of the vacuum cleaner, the brushes for the floor, the collectors of dust, the heads of the broom, all of these tools help to keep your home clean but get dirty in the process. Instead of cleaning them by hand, just pull them in your dishwasher. Keep them in a mesh bag for clothing or a similar item to insure, and do not worry about the drying cycle: let your dishwasher to give them a good rinse to break down the dirt.

Lighting apparatus

You do not realize how dirty you put your lamps until you have to replace a light bulb or looking at them more closely. You can give them a Polish that makes them look new thanks to your dishwasher. Make sure that the glass is sturdy enough to pass through the wash, leaving out the bulbs are more delicate. But for most of the lights, a gentle cycle through the wash should be used.

Fans and fan covers for ventilation

They are turning all the day, and maintain the perfect temperature in your home, and therefore, the fans and the vents can get dirty over time. If you have a roof vent of plastic or aluminum, put it without fear in your dishwasher and do a thorough cleaning (yes, we recommend that you leave out the glazed or painted for hand washing).


Do you have a pair of sandals that accumulate the dirt of several summers? What are your rain boots already very worn? If you put in your dishwasher will look almost as new as newly out of the box. Even the sneakers with covers of canvas and rubber soles can withstand a cycle in the dishwasher, just to avoid running a drying cycle.


The caps are a piece of clothing difficult to clean, but you can rely on the dishwasher and let the machine do the work. Try to keep them on the top shelf and run the wash cycle without detergent in order to avoid that will fade.

Plastic toys

The favorite toys of your child will certainly get some wear and tear over time, and may even get a bit messy. You can give them a new life with a complete cleaning cycle in the dishwasher: in most cases, the toys must fit in a standard cycle, even along with other dishes.

Pet toys

Check the labels of toys for your pets just in case, but most of them should be dishwasher-safe. Plastic toys in particular should not have problems to withstand a regular wash cycle. In terms of the wind-up toys and other chewable, it is probably best to keep them out of the wash.

Sports team

Protectors, knee pads, shoulder pads and other equipment that keep you safe to your son during the training can be as new also in this device. To do this just with a cleaning cycle on the top rack of your dishwasher and your son will get rid of germs, and everything that can end up accumulating these add-ons.

Products for hair care

With time, the brushes, ribbons, and rubber bands for the hair begin to accumulate dirt and logically you want to keep your hair clean. First, it removes the hairs attached to the hand, then passes a washing cycle of the dishwasher. It is important to leave off the brushes with natural bristles and wooden handles.


In accordance, we understand that the majority of the objects that do not melt or are destroyed by the water and the heat can be washed in a dishwasher. As long as they are sufficiently similar to the cooking utensils you usually wash there, there should be no problem. But, did you know that you can also use your washing machine for preparing food? You dehamos a couple of tricks you can try.

To clarify the vegetables

If you just bring a bunch of vegetables from the store and you need to wash them, the dishwasher can come from pearls. Place the vegetables harder as potatoes and pumpkins in the top tray, leaving the delicate that can explode like tomatoes on the bottom shelf and away from any moving part of the dishwasher. Run a wash program at cold and if you want, you can add vinegar in the compartment of the detergent.

Steamed vegetables

Do you need to prepare the dinner and you’ve run out of space in the kitchen? Your dishwasher you can lend a hand. Wrap the vegetables are cooked quickly in aluminum foil (asparagus, carrots, squash, etc) and; mix a little butter and seasoning and put it in your dishwasher. Running a cycle without soap and you’ll be able to cook those steamed veggies in no time.

Steamed fish

Like the vegetables, you can cook steamed fish. Employs finer cuts of fish, such as salmon, because the more thick will not be cooked completely. Put the fish into packages so that they can steam and uses a cycle of temperature with hot water (no soap, of course).

Keep food hot

Beyond cooking your food to the steam dishwasher is a solid alternative to the oven to keep the food hot. To do this, place your food and run a drying cycle to give your food the extra warmth you need to get to the lunch hour. Omitted, of course the rinse cycle or detergent, so as not to ruin your dinner.

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