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Oppo promises to recharge your phone in just 20 minutes

The chinese manufacturer Opp presented a powerful flash-based uploader to 125 watts that promises to recharge the battery of your cell phone in record time and head of a revamped line of chargers, which incorporates new technologies wireless and cable high-power.

Although it is currently not available for sales, Oppo indicated that the charger 125W will be able to replenish the 41 percent of a battery of 4000 mAh in just 5 minutes and fully charge in 20 minutes.

In addition, it uses a USB cable-C, and is able to withstand a charging scheme to deliver 6.25 a At 20V. According to the company, this technology has allowed to reduce the load time without the need to increase its size.

With its 125 W, it is the most powerful device on the market, beating the chargers Live and the announced Xiaomi, both of 120W. “Currently, it is the technology of loading flash more advanced of the industry,” said the company.

The company said that the charger is equipped with a cell double-6C with a “relationship of battery innovative”, structures of multiple tabs, charge pumps and a microcontroller MCU, highly integrated to improve the loading efficiency.

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“The accelerated deployment of 5G around the world, as well as the increasing diversification of applications of high energy consumption, including games and viewing videos, represent new challenges for the duration of the battery of the mobile phone and the loading experience of the user,” said Jeff Zhang, chief scientist of charging technology of OPPO.

Oppo also announced the launch of a charger wireless flash AirVOOC 65W, compatible with the standard QI, in addition to a mini charger SuperVOOC of 50W and a charger flash of 110W, which are optimized with the technology of GaN (Nitride Gallium).

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