NSA warned to Microsoft by failure in the operating system Windows 10

A “major failure” in the code of the operating system Windows 10 from Microsoft discovered the National Security Agency (NSA) of the united States.

The error exposed users to the same “violations, surveillance, or major disruptions,” reported The Washington Post.

The company issued this Tuesday 14 January 2020 a patch to fix the vulnerability in the software, which is the most popular in business spheres, and government.

“Users who have already installed the update or have automatic updates enabled are already protected. As always, we encourage customers to install all security updates as soon as possible,” he said in a statement, the senior director of Microsoft, Jeff Jones.

Unfortunately for the company based in Redmond, the news about the vulnerability coincides with the end of support for Windows 7, which has left as the sole operating system of your catalog to the questioned Windows 10.

The media emphasized that “the public disclosure represents a major shift in the approach of the NSA, as it has chosen to give priority to the security computer before you build your arsenal of hacker tools that would allow him to spy on the networks of their adversaries.”

The highest authority of the Directorate of Cybersecurity NSA Anne Neuberger, explained that the measure was aimed at the collaboration and “building trusts”.

“Congratulations to the NSA by voluntarily report to Microsoft. This is the type of [vulnerabilities] that I’m sure the hackers of the NSA] I would have loved to use in the years to come,” said computer-security expert Dmitri Alperovitch.

The situation was compared by The Washington Post with the case of EternalBlue, an exploit allegedly developed by the NSA that the agency used for espionage purposes by a period close to five years, guilty of the attack overall with the ransomware WannaCry.

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