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Netflix will have control of playback speed in Android

Giant leap on the part of Netflix in regards to the experience of use of its platform as it has confirmed that the Android app will have a control of the playback speed. As we can read in The Verge, the channel streaming will allow the user to choose what exact speed you want to play the content, and you can choose between 0.5 x, 0.75 x for the slow playback, or 1.25 x and 1.5 x for a viewing faster.

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It is less likely to choice that allows you to YouTube, but it is a step forward in a good direction, giving the user an experience more appropriate to their needs. This new feature will be available in both the downloads off-line as in the reproduction in streaming, and you must select each title to be reproduced (is not set by default).

This last measure was taken to prevent play by accident a movie at 1.5 x without realizing it, not having remembered to turn off this speed applied in other reproduction. The distribution of this new role will initially be localized but over the days it will be available all over the world.

As you know, Netflix takes trying the modification of the playback speed from 2019, but it is a measure that has generated significant controversy in Hollywood. Several directors warned that distributors of content could not alter the content but the platform has ignored this request, as it has become patent.

Since Netflix has confirmed that it was a “very demanded by users over the years,” according to the words of Keela Robinson, “and what is more important, the consumer appreciates the flexibility that allows you to reduce the playback speed if you are using subtitles”. This new feature makes things easier for those who have hearing problems but also to a blind person “can understand the audio reproduced at a higher speed”, as confirmed from the National Federation of Blind.

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