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Musk fuels the illusion with a new Neuralink ad

A day before leaving Twitter for just 48 hours , Elon Musk managed to post a publication that delighted many of his followers and the scientific community.

The Tesla founder noted that Neuralink "was working very hard to ensure implant safety," in addition to confirming that they were in close communication with the FDA, the government agency that regulates and approves new pharmaceutical products.

According to Musk himself, "if things go well, we may be able to do initial human trials later this year."

In this way, everything indicates that the neurotechnology company could experiment with human brains before the end of 2021.

Although the announcement has been received with expectation, it is pertinent to relativize it, especially if we remember that the projections made by Musk himself regarding Neuralink have never turned out as expected.

For starters, this isn't the first time the mogul has announced that human experimentation is near.

Elon Musk and project Neuralink

The most loyal followers choose to believe, more because of the magnitude of the ads and the potential that the neurotechnology company promises.

According to Musk himself, the implant could transmit music directly to people's brains, in addition to connecting the human mind with powerful computers.

Days ago he claimed that a monkey used the Neuralink device to play video games, while in one of his most ambitious advertisements he argued that the device could cure a wide variety of diseases.

If Musk's predictions are true, it is only a matter of time before one of his most ambitious dreams materialize.

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