Microsoft highlights the work of their latino workers

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It’s a tradition: from mid-September to mid-October celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month in the united States. This year, we met, exactly five decades since that moment in which it is decreed this date to honor the contributions and achievements of latinos in this country. And of course, the technological giant Microsoft, couldn’t stay behind with this celebration.

Since a couple of weeks ago, one of the computer manufacturers most popular on the market, Microsoft, launched its campaign Celebrating Latino Everyday, in order to highlight the work of each one of his latino workers who contribute a grain of sand in their respective areas for the success of this company.

In several opportunities, some of the spokespersons from Microsoft have stated that the values of this company are based on the inclusion of all persons, regardless of race, economic status or level of education, and definitely to the campaign “Celebrating Latino Everyday” is a sample of it.

Recently, the team of Digital Trends in Spanish, had the opportunity to interview Beatris Mendez Gandica, who serves as Security Tooling Program Manager (program Manager, security tools) at Microsoft, and has been one of the workers, latino honored in this campaign.

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Celebrating Latino Everyday is just one of the many programs that has Microsoft to demonstrate its commitment to the latino community and how proud you are to have so many workers Spanish-speaking within the team,” said Mendez Gandica to Digital Trends in Spanish. “Microsoft has been a school for us, as we latinos not only we fulfill the dream of working in one of the leading technology companies, but we also have the opportunity to do more studies free, to grow as a professional and personal”

In case outside little, Beatris Mendez took the opportunity to tell us that Microsoft not only has the commitment to help their workers, but also contribute to the learning of the Latin community in general. “For nearly three and a half years, I have had the opportunity to be part of HOLA, an organization originally addressed to Microsoft employees, which provides opportunities for professional development and networking for members and allies of the hispanic community,” said Mendez.

HELLO works permanently within Microsoft and aims to support employees to learn new tools, take on some of the assistance in the recruitment, retention and advancement of current and future employees in the latino community.

If that weren’t enough, this program also tries to promote the Latin culture to be known and enjoyed by all the members, and to blend the Spanish-speaking community in the development of new products, for them to be participants and evaluators of the products launched and count on your experience with them

Beatris Mendez Gandica is an inspiring example about what intelligent and persevering, that is the community and the latina woman. Currently, part of his job within Microsoft, has created a nonprofit foundation called “New Foundation”, with the help of Microsoft, inspires low-income children within EE. US to discover the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), through lectures and even guided tours and courses in the headquarters of Microsoft.

“My message to the latino community and for women who want a future in STEM is to explore all available resources and take the risks and, what is more important-to be faithful in all that you do and like to do!” said Mendez.

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