Microsoft Edge will help you to detect false news

Microsoft has partnered with the popular site of consumer protection NewsGuard to help users to more easily detect false news or publications that are not trusted. The new feature initially extended to Microsoft Edge beta on iOS and Android devices, and is now available in the Google Play Store.

The authenticity of the information and the need to detect “fake news,” or false news, has become one of the main problems that affect businesses and society in general. Many platforms that unintentionally proliferate false stories have tried to add filters or solutions with the intention of preventing that kind of information goes viral, but none is completely effective.

This is one of the reasons why Microsoft Edge, the browser promises to give mobile device users a browsing experience continues from your phone, just declare war on the false news. The application has been recently updated with a new feature called NewsGuard, which aims to identify such news and avoid the spread between the consumers.

For its part, NewsGuard states that used journalism to combat the false stories, misinformation and disinformation. “Our analysts are trained, who are experienced journalists, research news online to help the readers and viewers to know who intend to make journalism a legitimate and who is not,” explains the official website of the company.

The new function has been available for those users who were testing the beta version of Microsoft Edge for a few weeks, before being launched on the Google Play Store. It is expected that NewsGuard also reach iOS devices as Microsoft also tested the function on iPhones.

Other tech giants have also been working hard to deal with this situation, as the project Google News Initiative. In addition, it is not a secret that Facebook has found itself in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions due to disputes and accusations of false news that supposedly influenced the last elections of the united States, which have dented its credibility, so the company has made known on several occasions their intention to work continually to earn the confidence of their users, and revealed a series of changes and measures in this regard.

In terms of NewsGuard, you can install the plugin or extension in your browser, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari with a single click.

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