MacOS Catalina will enhance the gaming services, and streaming of Apple

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Catherine. That is the new name of the operating system of Mac, the desktop computer of Apple. In the conference of developers WWDC, Apple introduced its new operating system, that will accompany the Mac computers.

This latest version of its operating system for desktop computers and portable comes to users of Apple updates, that will allow easier access to the applications of the Apple ecosystem.


Apple made no mention of MacOS Catherine during his last keynote, but that does not mean that there is a great interest in the next operating system for home computers. Apparently, Apple has decided to launch the stable version of its latest Os in October 2019, according to a report in the web page itself MacOS Catalina.

In any case, it is worth mentioning that the update of the web page for MacOS Catherine explains only that the operating system would be available for the month of October, but the firm of Cupertino has not yet confirmed a launch date more specific.

For now, macOS Catalina is available in beta version for Apple developers and for the public at the end of June 2019.

Updates of apps

While Apple chose not to divulge any detail new on Catalina during their last keynote of the September 10, they announced new services that involved both the Macs that were mentioned and indirectly to this new version of the platform. In the first place, the new game service subscription known as Apple Arcade will be available for Mac besides other Apple devices. Apple Arcade will be available starting September 19 in 150 countries around the world with a cost of the subscription of $ 4.99 us dollars per month per family and will be offered a free trial of 1 month of the launch.

In the second place, the subscription service to Apple TV + will also be available for Mac. In the presentation it was explained that the first films will be available on the service from 1 November. This subscription will also be $ 4.99 us dollars per month per family. In this sense, those who buy a new Mac or other Apple device, will also receive a free subscription Apple TV + a year included with the purchase. This agreement begins on the 10th of September.

The photos on the macOS Catherine show you new experiences to navigate, that shows your best photos. Safari, for his part, now uses suggestions from Siri to give more visibility to the websites that you visit and saved web pages. Also the application Notes has now the form of to see the gallery and adds of collaboration options.

Main features

As we said before, Apple has decided to delete iTunes and replace it by Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, and Apple TV.

Definitely something to highlight on macOS Catalina, is the update of the developer tools, in order to bring more third-party applications to the operating system. This is a project that the apple bite has been called Project Catalyst.

In addition, with Sidecar, a new feature of this operating system expands the function of the work space and change the way you interact with Mac applications and the way in which you use the synchronization between the different devices. The integration is better than ever between your iPad and your computer, since it now also integrates with the Apple Pencil.

Sidecar allows you to draw pictures on your iPad and you see the result of what you do on the screen of your computer. Is presented as a good solution for Apple, given that their screens are not touch sensitive and there is not a laptop 2-in-1 in their products. So, if you want to make use of this feature, you must have an iPad. It is also presented as a good tool for editing video Final Cut Pro X or draw with Adobe Illustrator.


With macOS Catalina, you’ll be able to in addition find through your Apple Watch on your computer in case you have lost or you have stolen. It is a great security feature called Find My you can use by pressing the button on the side of your watch. The best thing is that the computer must not be connected to be able to find it.

Voice Control

Apple took an approach that is relevant to your voice control. Considers accessibility as key for all users, regardless of the type of disability they have, can access the features of macOS Catherine more easily.

The voice control gives allows you to talk to Siri through macOS, iPadOS and iOS. That way users can control what they do through their speech.

We will update this note when we know the exact date of its launch

*Updated by Joseph Mendiola on September 11, 2019

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