MacOS Big Sur and some of its new features

In an unpublished conference WWDC 2020 online, Apple announced the latest version of its operating system. Coming this fall, will bring a series of changes in the computers of those Mac zealots, though some stand out more than others. The following are some of the most striking features that we will bring MacOS Big Sur.

A completely new design

MacBook Pro con MacOS Big Sur

MacOS already looked nice, but MacOS Big Sur ups the ante. According to Apple, is the biggest visual upgrade in years, playing each element of the operating system in small ways. They have fixed icons, windows, fonts, tool bars and more, giving them a more modern look and keeping them in touch with their heritage.

The menu bar at the top is now translucent, and the curvature of the Dock is more similar to the iPad. Even the Finder is getting a facelift. The result is an update subtle, but it looks absolutely beautiful.

However, it is not just appearance. Apple has redesigned several features of MacOS to be more easy to use. For example, many applications will see their toolbars condensed so as not to get in and organise them efficiently.

Applications such as Finder and Mail have received new side rails that allow you to quickly get to where you need to go. The application Photos has acquired the appearance of his cousin iPadOS, with a greater focus on your photos.

On-screen controls easier

Controles en pantalla de MacOS Big Sur

The Touch Bar of MacBooks Pro has received more than a fair amount of criticism, but one thing that does really, really well is give you quick access to the controls. If you want to adjust the volume of the system, for example, have a slider simple left-to-right at your fingertips.

That way of thinking has been integrated into MacOS. The on-screen controls, from volume to brightness, now use this horizontal slider. It may seem a small change, but aligns the Mac with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, even the Touch Bar. Your muscle memory will be grateful.

In the upper right corner of your screen, you can access the key controls of a look. Do you need to immerse yourself a little more? Simply click on a configuration to obtain a greater number of options.

Even better, you can drag it out of the control Center menu bar, which gives you a quick way to adjust the Mac to your liking.

Centro de control en MacOS Big Sur

This methodology also applies to the notification Center. The application of the System Preferences of Mac has always felt a little disorganized, and has never been so quick or easy to find the settings as we would like.

The widgets are updating, and your library helps you discover new options and come in several sizes. You can’t put them on your desktop still, as in the iPad, but it is a big change in how the notification Center, even these can now be grouped.

Safari updated

Nuevo Safari en MacOS Big Sur

Safari plays a key role in the lives of the majority of Mac users, and Apple has significantly updated with MacOS Big Sur. Soon we will see page load times faster, privacy controls strengthened, better extensions and more.

If you are concerned about how a website uses (or abuses) of your private data, you can check the privacy report of Safari to see exactly what is happening. This can show how many trackers have been blocked on every web page, for example.

There will be a new category in the Mac App Store for extensions. You’ll be able to choose what data you have access to every extension, if you can use it only for a day or in a single web site. Apple says that it will be easy for extension developers to bring them of other browsers such as Google Chrome.

There are also other excellent features, including the translation in the page, a home page redesigned with custom backgrounds, lashes enhanced with previews, as well as changes that speed up the load times of the page and the performance of the battery.

Messages with features of iPhone and iPad

Mensajes en MacOS Big Sur

The application Messages on the Mac has always felt a little behind their siblings, the iPhone and the iPad. However, MacOS Big Sur is intended to bridge the gap, bringing a lot of features that have been lacking a lot.

Like in iOS, you can pin conversations at the top of the application window to make it easier to find them. You’ll be able to create Memojis directly on your Mac and share stickers and effects of messages as you want in your mobile device.

Also, there is a search bar more powerful and a selector photos redesigned, which brings some improvements in quality of life very necessary to an application for a long time has been neglected.

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