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LG furthers its range of tvs and futuristic appliances

Punctual as a clock, LG has come to your appointment in the framework of the CES 2020, a chance stellar for the company to unveil its new face to this year and beyond. The keynote has begun the hand of its president, I. P. Park, although there have been several of the protagonists of the same, with a public that has gone as the own presentation: from most to least. The Korean manufacturer has started the journey down a path that increasingly has become more uphill to the viewers and when you look at one, two and even three times the clock, begging for since the final whistle or a goal. Bad thing.

This is not to say that LG has come up with the empty basket to the event, but the keynote lacked concreteness and too much time. What has dedicated to the giant of the nearly 50 minutes of presentation? LG has come to CES with three major arguments: the artificial intelligence (AI) ThinQ, customer service and new models of tvs and appliances. Although the first charge of a section whole, has not stopped starring in one way or another the keynote.

Re-imagining the AI

Inteligencia Artificial LG

Jumps to the stage Jean-Francois Gagné, head of the division ThinQ to present the four levels of evolution in which is located the IA in the company. A first step has been baptized as “Efficiency” and if we employ a virtual assistant type Alexa as an example, would be the one that receives our orders and processes them, but in an isolated form; it is the second level (in which we find ourselves) that under the name of “Customization”, the system based on AI is able to recognize situations and interact with the user, so that you know that we have an appointment and you will need an Uber to go to the same.

The fourth level of AI has been baptized as “Reasoning”, and in it the system analyzes big data to know which usually to a certain time, we took a juice and we suggest taking into account the first meeting, and reaching out to ask a Uber by us without notifying you. If this level can generate a little bit of concern, the fourth since you can panic, since, under “Exploration”, the AI system takes the optimal decisions for us and even knows if we are nervous or not (it is assumed that with information obtained from wearables), and gives us tips on the basis of this.

Customer care proactive

Gama G-Sync LG

LG has vanagloriado of having with a customer satisfaction to the highest level in the market, and this is what attributes to its customer service. The manufacturer will apply from this year the Artificial Intelligence to improve, more if possible, the results in terms of customer service. How? In anticipation of the customer and alerting you to potential problems in the connected equipment.

The example offered by LG is the washing machine, which when connected, indicates to the system that is using an excessive amount of detergent (as an example) and anticipate the client indicating it before problems arise. It’s about a relationship “proactive” as has christened LG.

Tvs and appliances

Nueva gama Gallery Series

But what would be a keynote if you do not have products that present and LG has not disappointed this section to advertise their new developments around the tvs in the house, with a new range Gallery Series, in which premium design and the fine of their screens. This new range allows you to hang them up like paintings thanks to a new mount system, and we suspect that from here comes the name, when you try to emulate or draw inspiration from works of art. This range comes in panels of 55, 65 and 77 inches. In addition, LG has announced a new tv OLED 4K 48 inches that offers a pixel density close to that you can perceive in an 8K.

LG has shown their new range of appliances and lovers of the anecdotes will be enjoyed with the Crafted Ice, a new ice cube (yes, no joke) created by the new fridge InstaView. This new ice, according to LG with the cube in hand, it gets rid of a much more slowly and cools more drink. By these details fools, we love CES and the world of technology. The range InstaView he also comes to the ovens, with a new model featuring the technology Air Fry (which reduces the use of oil) and that eliminates the time of preheating.

Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on January 6, 2020.

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