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Keyboard Gboard Google recommend GIFs based on your conversation

google teclado gboard gifs stickers
Users of the keyboard Gboard Google will soon find it much easier to find GIF images and stickers related to their conversations. Google is releasing an update of Gboard that will include a function that, depending on the context of what you write, you will suggest images that the artificial intelligence believes that could be related to your conversation.

According to Google, the new feature should facilitate the expression of users, but states that it also understands the implications of privacy, considering that that means the keyboard must have access to the conversation to recommend GIFs, and stickers. To that end, the company ensures that everything is processed in the phone of each user, which helps to ensure that it is private and quick.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence in the device has many advantages, as highlighted by Google. Perhaps the most obvious is that it is much more secure than I. A.-based in the cloud but in addition to that, it works when you don’t have a cellular connection, so even when you’re in an area without coverage, you’ll still have access to some of the smart features of your phone. In particular, Google has been pushing the artificial intelligence in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and is likely to continue in future versions of its line of phones.

To access the GIF recommended by Gboard, you simply have to press the icon for the GIF when it appears in the upper-left corner of Gboard, where you will find a range of GIF images, stickers and emojis related to your conversation.

Of course, this is not the first time that Google inserts artificial intelligence in Gboard, in an attempt to make it a more pleasant experience and fun for the users. Recently, it launched a feature that allows you to create small emojis customized using a photo, and then adjusting their facial features, in a similar way as you would on a Nintendo Wii to create a Mii.

Gboard has been hailed as one of the best keyboard software for Android and iOS, precisely because of this kind of features. It is likely that we will see more functions based on artificial intelligence in Gboard over time.

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