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¡Invasion of robots! Walmart will deploy thousands of attendees automated

walmart robots asistentes automatizadosAs I had previously reported, Walmart has been implemented a small number of robots in some of its stores in the united States. However, this week the company announced that it is going “big” with the technology, deploying thousands of machines more for their workers to be able to devote more time to helping customers.

Then, what is exactly the new plan, wal-Mart? The deployment includes 1,500 cleaners floors Self-C self-employed, 300 scanners of shelves Self-S to monitor the inventory, 1,200 dischargers FAST are scanned and automatically sorted the items delivered by trucks, and 900 towers of collection that works like a giant vending machine for customers who collect orders placed online.

According to Walmart, the launch of these robots means that customers will have a better chance of finding a member of staff if they need assistance, while better inventory management should ensure that items are always available on the shelves.

Walmart has been testing different technologies for some time, and the company says that the response of the workers from their tents to their peers robot has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

Commenting on the decision to significantly expand the use of automated machines in their stores, John Crecelius, senior vice president of central operations of Walmart for the united States said that the staff of their shops, he understood immediately the opportunity of the new technology to free them to focus on tasks that are repeatable, predictable, and manuals, allowing you to focus more on selling merchandise and serve customers.

As you can see, Walmart is keen to point out that the army of robots will not replace their human workers. Such a robot invasion, at least in the workplace, it is a matter of growing concern for many employees in a variety of industries.

The World Economic Forum highlighted the issue last year when he predicted that machines could perform half of all the “work tasks” at the global level for the year 2025, which is equivalent to around 75 million jobs.However, we should also point out that it is estimated that the new trend could create more than 130 million jobs in the human during the same period of time.

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