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How to use Google Assistant and all its functions

One of the best things about using Google on either your phone or a speaker of Google Home, are the voice commands with which you can make your device do all sorts of things to your name, or display a series of functions. It is fast, convenient, and even feels with a taste of the future. Whether you say ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, the complete list of commands and applications that are compatible has increased considerably with time, which means that there are possibly things that you can do that you’re not even aware of. Here is a detailed guide on how to use Google Assistant, in addition to all the command “OK, Google” you need to know. And remember, if you’re bilingual, you can do it in English or in Spanish.


Regardless of the phone you are using, you can access the Wizard from Google through its app that is available for Android and for iOS. However, if you have an Android device is not a bad idea to enable “OK, Google” to be able to use this feature automatically, without having to touch the microphone icon. The first thing you should do is make sure this function is turned on:

1. Open your App Drawer, open the app, then tap More (the three lines in the corner) and go to Settings. Alternatively, you can go to Settings> Google> Search.

2. Tap on Voice> Voice Match and active Access with Voice to Match. It may also be that you want to activate Unlock with Voice Match if you want to be able to use “OK, Google” even when your phone is locked.

3. Follow the instructions for your phone to recognize and respond to your voice.

4. If you have problems when you say “OK, Google” and it seems not to work, try pressing Retrain voice model, to try again, or Delete voice mode to delete everything and set it up again.

Now that this function is active, you can start using “OK, Google”. Let’s take a look at all of the different commands that you can use with your device; the good thing is that all you have to do is say “OK, Google”, and the wizard will begin to listen to your commands and do what you ask. Clear that you can also touch the microphone icon and before you speak if you prefer not to use the automatic function “OK, Google”. In addition, if for any reason you are unable to speak in a loud voice, you can tap the keyboard icon in the bottom left and write all your queries and commands.


These are some examples of questions that you can do to your wizard, but you can create thousands of others according to your needs or preferences. Google you can search for answers on the internet, but you can also search your emails from Gmail and other places.

General questions

“How many years has [name]?”
“Where he was born [name]?”
“Who invented [what you find]”.
“How tall is [name of the person or building]”.
“In what country is [whatever you want to find]?”
“What are the details of my trip (or meeting)?” [if it’s in your calendar, or gmail]
“Is it going to rain tomorrow? or What is the temperature?”
“How far is [any business or place that you want to find] from here?”
“What is the best restaurant near you [any food that you prefer]?”
“Help me relax”.
“Where’s my phone?” (From a loudspeaker Google Home)
“Navigate to [web site name]” (when you want to go directly to a page).

Sports, Music or Entertainment

“When you play [name of team]?”
“What are the results of the last game of the [name of team]?”.
“When is the next game between [ name of the teams or tournament]?”
“What won [the name of the team] the last game?”
“Who sings the song [name of song]?”
“How many years has (or how much it measures, weighs, or what you want) [name of singer or actor]?”
“When comes the next movie (or next album) of [name]?”

Vocabulary and conversions

“What is the definition of [word or phrase]”.
“Define [word or phrase]”.
“Synonyms for [word]”.
“How do you say [word or phrase] in English?” (or any other language that you prefer)
“Convert [amount] of dollars in pesos” (or the currency of your choice)
“Convert [amount] of miles in kilometers” (or as you prefer)
“Multiplies, adds, subtracts or divides [number or numbers]”( for example: ‘how much is five by eight’)


“To open the settings of the Google account”.
“Show my Google search history”.
“To adjust the privacy settings of Google”.
“Adjust the security settings of Google”.


Calls and messages

“Show me my messages”.
“Send a text to [contact name], saying [to say the message]”.
“Send an email to [ contact name], saying [to say what you want to write in the e-mail address]”.
“Call [contact name]”.

Apps, messaging, music and social work with OK Google

If you want to send a text message with another application, and not through the platform’s default messages, then you must say, “OK, Google, send a message with [name of application]”. You can also try commands such as “takes note with Evernote”. or “search for funny videos on YouTube”.

• These applications are compatible with “OK, Google”, but this is not a complete list:

Google Hangouts: “you Send a message from Hangouts to [say name]”.
Evernote – “Write a note with Evernote”.
WhatsApp: “it Sends a message of WhatsApp to [say contact name]”.
Viber – “Sent a message with Viber”.
Telegram: “Send a message Telegram to [say contact name]”.
YouTube: “Search for [say what you want to search] on YouTube”.
Pandora – “Play [name of song] in Pandora”.
Google Music – “Play [name of song]”.
Facebook – “Published [say your message] on Facebook”.
Twitter: “Published [say your message] on Twitter”.

If you want to install any of these apps, you can find them in the Play Store saying, “OK Google, search for [name of application] in the Play Store”.

Apps of notes, and productivity that work with OK Google

All of these applications notes work saying “will Create a note with [name of application]”

  • Wunderlist
  • Trello
  • One Note
  • Catch
  • Google Keep

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