How to tame a horse in Minecraft

When you are out there exploring the world, far away from any house that you’ve created in Minecraft, nothing is more comforting than to have a trusty steed to your side. In addition, nothing accompanies it better to “an adventurer experienced” as a good horse. And of course, you can jump on any horse you find, but you need to know how to tame a horse in Minecraft to have access to some actions, unique and able to say, really, is yours.

Below we will explain how to become a good stallion. It is not something complicated, but some good tips are never more.

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Where to find horses

Cómo domar un caballo en Minecraft

The horses appear in herds of two to six members in plains and savannahs, that is to say, in areas basically flat and green with some scattered trees. There are in several colors: white, brown, black, grey, brown and chestnut blond, with various marks in the fur, and the herds tend to have members similar. Although finding one is not difficult, if you have any color preference you’ll find.

You can also find horses in stables inside of some peoples, if you’d prefer to steal one instead of seeking it in its natural environment.

How to tame a horse

Cómo domar un caballo en Minecraft

To tame a horse in reality is very easy; you just have to mount it and follow montándolo again and again until you accept. You can mount one by pressing the button to Use with an empty hand or while holding an item you cannot use on a horse. On your first try, the horse will probably refuse. ¡Keep trying! Each time the horse throw you, re-mount it. After some time you will see a nubecilla of hearts on the head of the horse; this means that it has been tamed.

Although it is not necessary, you can increase your odds of taming a horse by giving him sugar, apples, wheat or carrots brown. Simply hold the food in your hand and tap to Use for feeding. You can stay without food, but the horse will be a little easier to tame.

How to use a horse under saddle

Cómo domar un caballo en Minecraft

Already domaste a horse; it is time to mount it. Look for a chair in a nearby village and pónsela to your horse to ride for the world. Horses can jump much higher and further your character. You hold the skip button to charge a jump more high. A player can use any item while riding a horse.

You can also equip your horse with its own armor. You can create a, find it in some chests, or buy it. You can’t enchant your armor (unlike yours), but you can paint it.

Be careful when you go out to the adventure on your horse – the armor is not only to look handsome; it can be damaged by your enemies.

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