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How to set up a loudspeaker as the center of a smart home

There is nothing better than to say commands such as “Alexa, turn off the tv and turn on the light in the dining room” or “Hey Google, it regulates the temperature to 70 degrees“. Of course, for that you need to smart devices and a speaker, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home or HomePod, to control it. But if you still don’t know how to use a horn as the center of a smart home, Digital Trends in Spanish we are here to help. One of the most useful features of the speaker smart voice commands that allow you to manage the intelligent appliances in your home. Alexa, the Google Assistant and Siri are virtual assistants able to perform all of these tasks. However, you must first set up a loudspeaker as the center of a smart home to manage your devices home through one of these virtual assistants.

Connecting smart devices with Alexa

Configura una bocina como centro de una casa inteligente a través de Alexa

The voice commands of Alexa are available on all devices, Amazon Echo, plus a number of other devices in your home smart, including speakers and integration with Alexa. This means that you have many options of control with this voice assistant.

Step 1: Check to see if your smart device is compatible with Alexa. The device should have a list of attendees voice support, and most of the devices mentioned with what can work.

Step 2: Set up your device home and connect it to the same network that your device Alexa. You have to make sure that everything is up to date.

Step 3: Open Alexa, and go to the menu. Select the ( Skills (skills) and search for your device. You should find a function to link it to Alexa. Enable this function and follow the additional instructions to configure the connection.

Step 4: Tell Alexa that detect your devices (“Find my devices”) and check if the voice assistant recognizes the new device. If Alexa has problems, return to the menu of the application Alexa and selected Devices. Then, choose the option Add device , and add your smart device manually. The application Alexa should detect it. You should now establishing command of Alexa for that particular device, for example, “turn the light on in the kitchen.”

Note: Alexa is very versatile for connecting devices. Some versions of Amazon Echo, as a Show , and Plus, it’ll let you directly connect devices Zigbee, a protocol of free residential more ancient that some devices still use. Developers and gaming addicts, you probably will be interested in the Alexa Connect Kit.

Connecting smart devices with the Google Assistant

Configura una bocina como centro de una casa inteligente a través del Asistente de Google

The Google Assistant can help you to control your smartphone from a variety of devices, including Google Home, security cameras, Nest and the smart watch of Lenovo. The Google Assistant plus works from other compatible smartphones, so you do not necessarily need a speaker as the center of a smart home.

 Step 1: Set up your smart device and make sure that is turned on and connected to the same network that your device where you use the Google Assistant. Open the application Wizard Google and go to the option Settings. You should be getting by clicking on the icon of your Google account, in the top right of the application. Once there, go to the Wizard and select Home Control.

Step 2: you Should see two sections here, Devices and Rooms. Be sure to be on Devices and then click on the plus sign (+) that says Add smart devices.

Step 3: The Wizard will take you to an extensive list of all the smart devices that have compatibility. You can consult the list in alphabetical order or do it through the search function. Select the appropriate device.

Step 4: Depending on the device you’ve chosen, Google will guide you through the connection steps. Usually, you are first prompted to log in the platform of smart devices. When you are offered the option of selecting Ready, do it to finish the configuration.

Step 5: you can Also go back to the section Wizard, find your device and give it the name with which you prefer to call it when you speak with the Google Assistant. You can also assign devices to specific rooms to commands more precise. For more information, these are the different ways in which Google Home you can control your devices.

Connecting smart devices with Siri

Configura una bocina como centro de una casa inteligente a través de Siri

In addition to the mobile devices of Apple, the main speaker smart that works with Siri is currently the HomePod. Other speakers have command of music-enabled Siri, but that does not mean that you can control smart devices with them. Here we explain how to configure your devices with Siri.

Step 1: Siri can control your devices through HomeKit, the platform of smart devices of Apple. Your smart device must be compatible with HomeKit to allow you to work with Siri, so that is the first thing that you must verify. If it works with HomeKit, you can set your device and connect it to your home network.

Step 2: To add accessories, make sure you have the application Home (House) on your iOS device. The application Home also integrates with the HomePod, so that it also configures the devices for that horn. Open the application and choose Add attachment, which is indicated with the plus sign icon (+).

Step 3: Use the camera of your iOS device to scan the code and HomeKit device smart (it has 8 digits and must be labeled). Some also use a QR code. IPhones older can connect with NFC, so that should work by putting the phone near the device.

Step 4: Look at your application until you see the model of the accessory and choose the appropriate. It is possible that the application Home you ask to add a fixture to the network, so make sure to do it.

Step 5: Assigns a name to an easy to your accessory and, if desired, establishes a room in which it will work. When you are finished, select Done. Depending on the accessory, now you can give Siri a variety of commands to control the devices and use HomePod as a horn as the center of a smart home.

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