How to retrieve an email in Gmail without going crazy

The sending instant of the emails has consequences, and we all know it. The most important thing is that, once you send an email, you may not be able to recover it. This could cause serious problems, especially if you send a message when it was not yet ready, or worse yet, if you sent it to the wrong person. But trust us: all is not lost. We explain how to recover a mail in Gmail, to your world and dignity do not come down any morning for hitting “send” without thinking or reviewing.

If you think about it, it is a very good news: Gmail provides a fast and effective way to get rid of an e-mail before the worst happens. And what does he do? As it returns to the state prior to sending (this is, as a draft) and prevents it from appearing in the inbox of all users to which you sent by mistake (although, the more that error, is usually treated in a precipitation). It is not magic. You explain it below.

Step 1: Check your settings for shipping

In the past, you had to enable the option “insend” (“deselect”, “un-send”) to retrieve emails from Gmail. However, Google has become a standard feature for Gmail, so now is always active. But even so, you must verify the Settings to be sure it is customized correctly.

Start by logging in to your Gmail account, and selecting the gear icon that appears in the upper-right corner, just above your list of e-mail. In that menu, select Settings.

Step 2: Adjust the Settings, if necessary

The menu Settings contains all of the special features that you can activate or adjust in Gmail. Scroll down in the tab General until you see the section Undo the send. Here you will see an option to adjust the Period of cancellation of shipment. You can choose to retrieve an e-mail, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after you have been given click on the tab Send.

If you are concerned send an email to the wrong —thing has happened in the past— it is likely that you want to set the period of cancellation, at least 10 seconds, just to be sure. Five seconds is not a very long time to realize that you’ve goofed up the neck. Usually, you send the mail to the wrong; you realize; you give it a slap in the face and will invade despair. Believe us, with 10 seconds you’ll have time to act. When you’re done, go to the bottom of the section of Settings and save the changes.

Keep in mind that the e-mail may appear in the inboxes of those to whom you sent it, even while it is on the undo option. Remember that e-mail will disappear, but it is possible that someone has already started to read it, so it is important to act quickly.

Step 3: Envíate a test e-mail

Now that you know how much time it will take to recover an e-mail, it is time to test what works. You press Compose and escríbete an e-mail. When you already have it, press the blue button to Send.

Now, look immediately at the bottom left corner of your Gmail window. You should see a prompt notification that says “Message sent”, plus the option to view the message, or create a new one. But also, there will be an option to “Undo”. When you click this option, it will show up the message in type eraser, as it was a few seconds ago.

Now, if you wait more than 10 seconds, you will see disappear this option to “Undo” everything and at the same time that the sent message appears in your Inbox. This means that the cancellation period has ended, and that it is already too late to retrieve the e-mail. As I mentioned above, we consider that ten seconds you’ll have time to realize if you have committed —or not— is a mistake.

As we said, when you press the option to “Undo” you will see that your email is redisplayed in the same state it was in just before you send it. This allows you to “go back in time”, free to change the content or the correct recipients. Once it has recovered, there is a time limit on it, and it becomes a draft again, you can save it as such, send it hours or days later, or simply delete it. It’s that easy. Get out stress!

You may also want to review this new feature to write your emails faster and without errors. Or you may also want to know how to get the new Gmail reading our article here.

To undo an email in iOS or Android

como recuperar un correo electronico en gmail reenvio

Recover an e-mail on iOS or Android is as easy as it is in the web browser and does not require that you modify any settings or options. After sending an e-mail, you’ll see the option to Undo the send at the bottom of the screen (even on the right, instead of to the left). Tap that button, and it should be ready to run. It is important to note that the button will only appear for a few seconds, so be sure to act fast.

As with the web client, we recommend you to send a test email to see if this feature is working for your account before you begin to rely on it.

*Actualiado by Maria Teresa Lopes February 04, 2019.

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