How to reset a Xbox One in its factory settings

Do you know how to reset a Xbox One? Although this Microsoft console is a very good and efficient, we must admit that is not perfect. That’s why, in some instances, the option of restoring it is quite viable if you have a technical problem or just want to sell it, but you do not want your games won is going in the sale.

Fortunately, Microsoft makes this possible in a very easy way, and no matter if you want to keep your games and installed applications, or start with a new list completely blank. In addition, this same process applies to all versions of the console, whether you have the original Xbox or the new and highly praised Xbox One X.

Keep in mind that even if you choose to keep your games and applications installed, when you perform a factory reset to remove all the files and personal associations of your console, including saved games, scores, settings, and accounts. All of that is stored in the cloud if your console has been synchronized with Xbox Live, something that happens automatically when you’re connected to the Internet. Therefore, make sure you connect online, if possible, before you start the reset.

And, when you want, and you’re ready, we’ll explain here how to reset a Xbox One in its factory settings. If for technical reasons you can not see the screen, or access the Settings menu to perform the following steps, later we will explain how to reset the configuration with an external USB drive. That yes, keep in mind that to do this you’ll need access to a PC with Windows to do it

Perform a factory reset from the dashboard or dashboard

Step 1: log

Press the Xbox button (that glows in the control center or command) to bring up the overlay guide.

resetear una Xbox One

Step 2: Go to the system menu (the figure of gear, at the far right) and select “Settings”.

resetear una Xbox One

Step 3: Select “System” and then “Information console”.

resetear una Xbox One

Step 4: Choose “Reset console”.

resetear una Xbox One

At this point, you have the option to Reset and delete all, or to Restore and maintain your games and applications. It also gives you the possibility to cancel and go back, if you think that you are not ready to reset.

resetear una Xbox One

Keep in mind that, still keeping your games and apps, all your personal data will be erased from the system, so be sure to sync up with Xbox Live, or manually export your settings, if it is that there are things in there that don’t want to miss. Once you have decided the form of Reset, the console will proceed to delete the content, which could take several minutes.

Factory reset via USB

resetear una Xbox One

Step 1: Find a USB flash drive compatible

You will need a flash drive completely empty and with at least 4 GB of available space. You’ll also have to format it to NTFS, which is configured through the file Explorer of Windows.

Step 2: Download the file, reset your computer and put it in the USB

Download here the file, reboot tablet from Microsoft. Extract the file and copy the “$SystemUpdate” in the root directory of the USB flash drive. Should be the only file there. Once the transfer is complete, remove the USB device and go back to your console.

Step 3: turn Off and unplug your Xbox One

Turn off your Xbox One and remove the power cords and network of the back. Wait 30 seconds once it is fully off.

Step 4: Connect the power cable and insert the flash drive into the USB port

Step 5: Press and hold down the Link buttons and Eject on the console. Then press the button of the Xboxresetear una Xbox One

The Eject button (Eject) on the front of the console, just to the side of the disk drive, while the Bind button (Bind) is on the left side, the side of the disk drive, with a symbol “)))”. Keep in mind that on the Xbox One X, both buttons are on the front side, with the Link function directly below the Xbox button at the right edge. By pressing both buttons, press the button of the Xbox (power) on the front of the console.

Step 6: Continue pressing the Bind and Eject for 10-15 seconds until you hear two tones of power with several seconds of difference

The first tone will indicate that the system has recognized the USB flash drive, while the second confirms that all data have been transferred to the console. It is very important to make sure to listen to both before moving forward. Once you hear the tone on the console two times, the reset process should start in the screen, and you can already set it up as if it were a new console.

At this point, you can already remove the USB flash drive and proceed as usual. If you do not listen to the two sounds of power after 15 seconds, or if you listen to the sound of off, then the reset has not worked. Try again from the beginning, but if you still have no funcionarte, it is possible that you may have to contact Microsoft for technical assistance.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on January 31, 2019.

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