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How to protect yourself from hackers at home

These days you can buy a security camera for the home for less than $100 dollars. These devices are becoming increasingly common as a way to drive away the thieves of packages or “pirates of the porch,” and, in general, to protect personal property. But, how can you protect yourself from hackers at home?

And while the most recent incidents involved cameras Nest, any device can be used by the hacker tos.

What is more, a group of security and customer protection in Calgary, Alberta, stated that it is possible to hack up to ten security cameras and communicate with the people on the other ends of the devices.

protegerse de los piratas informaticos en el hogar camara ladron


How did this happen? There are several ways in which someone can take control of your camera home security. For example, most cameras use applications or online sites where the customer can see a live video stream of their home, or communicate with the camera if the device has two-way audio. If someone gets the password of your account, you will also have access to the images from your camera, audio functions and more. Other ways you can be hacked is through your Wifi network, by means of malware attacks, or if your company security camera you experience a breach in their systems.

Without a doubt, the idea that someone could be watching you through your camera security without your knowledge, it is more than disturbing. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to greatly reduce the risk of your cameras are pirated. Here we give you some advice.


protegerse de los piratas informaticos en el hogar password contrasena

The attacks to the security cameras home are usually the result of a bad management on the part of the user. One of the most important things you can do to avoid the attacks of the cameras in your home is to learn more about the malware, the security of the passwords, and the security of your Wifi network. And please, change your password, and do it frequently.

Here are some tips:

• Have you ever gave your Wifi password to friends, neighbors or guests that you visited? Instead, you should create a “Guest Network”, or a network access wifi for guests. Most routers give you that option.

• Change your Wifi password every few months, and use passwords that are random and unique that would be difficult to decipher through attacks.

• Avoid using the same password on different accounts. What the password of your security camera is the same as that of your e-mail, Facebook or your online banking? If so, you are greatly increasing your security risk. To your camera connected (and all of your accounts, in reality), it uses a different password to that you use for any other account.

•Avoid any personal information in your password such as birth dates, children’s names, anniversaries, etc, Your password should be completely random and difficult to decipher. And record it “old-fashioned” and keep it in a safe place, like a book in a drawer.

• Use two-factor authentication to further secure your account, if available.

• Consider using a password manager reliable and secure. These programs provide individual passwords unique and safe for each of your accounts, while also stored with a protocol of high security to protect them.


cámaras de seguridad
It can be tempting to buy a security camera for $10 dollars on a deals site, or to buy a security camera used cheap, but this is not necessarily the best idea. You should buy a new camera from a shop known.

Even in this case, make sure to be familiar with the company that will manage the corresponding application for your camera. Read the reviews of the users of the application, verified, if the company has had any serious problems with security breaches in the past and, if so, what have you done to correct that problem.

Do not think of a security camera as a transaction of a single time that you purchase the camera and nothing more. Think of it as a cell phone, where the service provider is as important as the device.


protegerse de los piratas informaticos en el hogar nest app Don’t ignore those updates of firmware, as they are designed to solve problems, and many of them could be security related.

Don’t know if there is a firmware update available for your device? Check the application that you use to manage your account and your cameras, and look in sections such as “device”, “settings” or “about” to see if there is a firmware update available. Most camera manufacturers also publish information on the latest firmware update on their web site, as well as on how to install it.

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